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    Hello everyone! So this weekend I plan on using diapers for the first time. I'm not a diaper lover myself, but I've worn for my boyfriend before and am nervous/excited to actually use the diaper in a few days. Any tips for using for the first time?

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    (I assume "use" will be just wetting) The first few times you use a diaper you will probably be stressing about leaking. Avoiding leaking these first few times will help establish confidence in your diapers and turn an exciting/interesting/stressful experience into one that is just exciting/interesting. So avoiding leaks when you are first trying them out is important.

    Since you are lucky enough to be with a partner (whom I assume will be changing you) and you have enough diapers and ability to restock to not be too concerned about wasting them, I'd recommend getting changed after each wetting. The wearing, wetting, and changing can all be part of the fun, experience as much of all of them you can to make the best of the day together.

    Most people have a difficult time wetting their diaper the first few times, you will probably run into this too. But that's a good thing, since flooding can lead to leaks. Once you get moderately wet, request a change I hope you the best for your first time, and I hope you can stop back in and share your stories with us later.

    It also occurs to me that he will probably be hoping to get a change from you too. Odds are he knows how to change a diaper, but you might want to ask for some instruction/advice, and see what he prefers. All in all it sounds like you're going to be having a good time, enjoy it!

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