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Thread: Are diapers Comfy or Sexy to you?

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    Default Are diapers Comfy or Sexy to you?

    I'll be honest - for me, they're sexy. Though I'm still SORT of going through those stupid binge/purge cycles, I've finally gotten to the point where I quit purging, and just put it out of sight until my next wave of interest comes in.

    I've noticed though, that the further I get away from binge/purge cycles, the less "sexy" they are for me and they become more just regular comfort. I still feel my libido ramp up when I think of wearing them, but I also think of wearing them now to relax when I feel stressed or keyed up. This never used to be the case.

    Has your use of or need for diapers changed over time? Started one way then gone to another; or stayed the same? Has the "intensity" worn off? Currently, do you wear less or more frequently compared to when you first had regular uninterrupted diaper-time?

    PS: I hope this topic is acceptable, my apologies if it's out of line.

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    Both comfy an sexy :] Although i use to get realy turned on idk why, by them, I still do just it stops once ive worn for about a hour or so, im hoping itll go away its comfy/uncomfy having one during the process of wearing one, I made sure i dident use the "Words" So its Appropriate :] I hope it seems so to me,

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    I wish I could wear more often than not, but I am 15 years old. I don't have my own place. Diapers are cute and comfy to me. I like the cute diaper patterns with shapes and bears on them. Since I was young, my need for diapers has only gotten more intense.

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    As did mine, i like the cute designs the urge to wear well never exceed in me, But maybe it well just maybe. That day i hope well never come :]

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    I'd have to say... both. I love cute designs and and softness but it is a fetish sooo.... I think you can tell where I'm going with this. I don't know why but sometimes I want one for comfort and then a week or so later I'll get the urge to wear and use but not for comfort. It's kind of weird but oh well.

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    Always comfy, more sexual the longer it's been since I last had a diaper on.

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    I've never met anyone who didn't find them comfortable. Both my friend and my ex thought they were.
    I feel really relaxed and sexy when wearing.

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    Lets see...

    Not at all sexy[it dont turn me on] but comfy and when I do see animals on it,I kind of want to wear it even more!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by noctis View Post
    I've never met anyone who didn't find them comfortable. Both my friend and my ex thought they were.
    I feel really relaxed and sexy when wearing.
    I don't find them particularly comfortable. I like them in spite of them being impractical and and not as comfortable as regular underwear. They have other things in their favor.

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    Both. Comfort depends on the brand and thickness of the diaper, although most anything that is soft and thick will do. For me, sexiness is a given (Although I love cute designs and patterns, as well as whatever else that could be part of one that makes me feel more regressed).

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