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Thread: Hello, Im back.

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    Thumbs down Hello, Im back.

    I would like to say sorry to everyone whom i may have harrassed or offended, It was careless of me, An was rather rude, idk how long it has been, I think a few month's or so, Pardon my grammar if you do not like it. I dont expect anyone to forgive me for my action's It was truely unforgivable I said stuff about a suicide case etc, An it was very rude/Bad of me, I'm Very sorry, An i hope you well take my appology, But i dont hope you well treat me diffrent, I deserve if not the worst Treatment, For me to even come back is such a disgrace to this forum's. Im just realy bored An not very into that many forum's as i did this one. I well again say i'm sorry, An to those few individuals who i realy left marks on, Not good mark's of course. I am exspecially sorry to you few. An im also sorry to a few Mod's Whom i sparked at.

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    Welcome back to the site! How's life been treating you since you left?

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    Good i guess, xD Been alot better i guess, I cant blame this on me acting how i was, But proubly because of my depresion i was bringing others around me down, an making them feel bad, to bring my spirits up xD, But w.e Ive been great Got my first depends pack at walmart yesterday walked with a friend at 12pm got them + 2 game cards walked out, Man he was freaking it was hilarious kept telling everyoen there for him ._. Not that i cared XD He was embarassed it was rather funny, but just jokes around friends hes 19 im 17 so its pretty cool, So i guess in all im doing Very good Thanks for asking.

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    OMG CREL!!!! I missed you. Dude I was hoping you woukd come back. Come onto chat. I wanna talk to you man.

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    I cant go on chat I missed you aswel mate Im -2 Rep due to my last visit ((((((( As soon as i got my password back i hurried to chat, but was unable to log in due to rep having to be 0+ cant be -2

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    Good to hear!

    I wouldn't worry too much about whatever it was that happened, I don't even know anything about it! Unless of course I've forgotten about it in the meantime, lol. The people here are mature enough to not hold a grudge, or be bitter towards you (or at least I would hope so, it would be pretty sad if they weren't at such a level of maturity). Anyhow, I hope you enjoy being back.

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    Well try to pm me then. I wanna talk to you.

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    Haha, supersam no prob's some are an some arent, Actually while i was offline i got a visitor message from a character named Lawyit it was deleted by a gm, An sure techead, i also have a msn/skype if you'd like to make it easier as such xD Idk your choice ._. I usualy just choose the easy ways xD

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    hey Crel welcome back to adisc im sure people have missed u and as i allways say we all deserve a 2nd chance. well i hope u have a great day

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    Thank you lol, If only 2nd chance's realy did exist ^_^, Ill always be looked at of how i acted, As irl it is.

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