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Thread: Life long DL, new to this site.

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    Red face Life long DL, new to this site.

    My name is Kevin, my screen name on this site and others is Thicker. I live in Tennessee. All my life I have been a DL. From earliest childhood memories I wanted to be diapered. As a child I made pretend diapers and from towels, to lining my underwear with paper towels, to plastic table cloths for my plastic pants. When I could drive my first solo stop was a hospital supply store for some "bloomer style incontience" pants. I cannot fully explain my facination with diapers, I simple loved them. I only remember wetting the bed once, and I have one distant memory of being diapered, but other than that I didn't need diapers, I just wanted them. Plastic pants are a real fetish of mine. When I wear today, disposable or cloth, I always wear plastic pants. I mostly wet these days, but I do enjoy messing a diaper, just don't have the time or privacy to do that often. Long ago I told my wife of my love of diapers. She rejected the thought. I purged my diapers for a while but of course went back to purchase more about a year after telling her. If she knows I still wear when alone, she says nothing. She certainly doesn't know I visit diaper sites and have played in diapers with others. These days, my diaper wearing is seldom, I do have days alone at home and will often be diapered the whole day. Sometimes I wear to work. Most often when traveling alone. I have a long time diaper friend in Nashville, and several others I see rarely. We mostly diaper each other after wetting, so some patting and humping and cuddling. It is a special thrill to be with another wearer who understands the fetish side of this. The few times I've shared it with non ABDL's, it didn't go well. When a person is not into, they just aren't. My practice is innocent enough, the sex if you call it that is as safe as it gets, most of my play has been with diapers on. Like most DL's I've talked to there is some measure of shame that goes with this desire. I keep thinking it will go away, but it doesn't. I'm 55 and the urge now is stronger than ever before. It is hard to explain the comfort, security, warmness, and sexual excitement of diapering up...but it is there and if you are AB or DL you understand. My wearing usually ends with sexual release. From all I've read this is a fetish. That is why I'm sure it will not go away. I do have periods when my "urge" to wear is not as strong, but then I'll go through a time when the urge is very strong to wear. I cannot fully explain my diaper desires. It may be I was the youngest and recieved only divided attention from parents who had other kids and long hour jobs. It may be that I was much a "latchkey" kid, I was alone often early on as a child. I was never abused, except the typical tussles with my sibblings. I just wanted to wear diapers and use them. I never shared with a single other person until I was grown. I thought getting married would erase the desire, NOT. Then I thought I would leave it as I grew older, NOT. Like many I thought I was the only one in the world with this strange diaper desire. An ad in Nugget Magazine for DPF changed all that. I was in DPF in the 80's. The internet of course has increased my awareness that many have this diaper desire as I do. I would love to communicate with any who wish. Thanks for reading.
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    Hi thicker! That was a great intro to read. Welcome to the site, i hope you find lots of friends here!

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