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    Why is it so hard for some parents to accept their kids for being bf df gay and the technical term for this is tranvestite ( trans gendered) hope I spelled it right I am a bf and df and I am proud but my parents do not accept me and I can not tell my friends what's your take on all this

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    they think were freaks, no matter what they wont accept it, my parents didnt accept , in fact they treid to stop me until they realized that when i couldent be a baby, i wouyld be my other gangster side , vary violent drug crazed side becuse of the stress so they stop careing.

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    most people fear what they don't know, even parents. people well not admit they necessarily fear it but rather just say it is not normal so it should not be done. the best thing you can do is link them to Understanding Infantilism ,in an email if you don't want to be questioned, and hope they truly read it and not just fake read it. in this case it would be you asking the questions to them not them asking you. i know the link is more for ABDL but if i know a good link for understanding furry i would link that as well. what i can say with that is furry conventions are know to the world, i hear about them natrula, unlike abdl conventions. so furrys are more exseped then ABDLs in my opinion. every one well act differently based on how they were raised and what they were raised to believe.

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    it's not just parents who don't except you for variant behavior such as transgender, bf, df and gay......

    when i came out trans the family disavowed me. when i came out in the gender community as my bunny-self (watership down rp), i was ostracized for that.

    after those experiences i hid my memories and needs of and for any form of diapers. didn't need any more drama in my life at that point. so even after i started becoming IC i went back into denial ....

    but i learned once again, a person needs real life social interaction. so i tried to balance one need with another.... and here we go again....
    it seems that life is a fight for acceptance..

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    life is a fight for acceptance..
    Truer words have not been spoken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matlat90210 View Post
    Why is it so hard for some parents to accept their kids for being bf df gay and the technical term for this is tranvestite ( trans gendered) hope I spelled it right I am a bf and df and I am proud but my parents do not accept me and I can not tell my friends what's your take on all this
    Because parents want their child to be ''normal''. I guess it's hard to grasp without being one yourself, but I can understand why parents have a hard time with this stuff.

    Are you shoving the furry thing in your parents faces? Is it affecting your social life/spending an unhealthy amount of time on the 'net? Maybe think about moderating yourself a little till you're able to move out then do whatever the hell you want.

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    My parents hate my furry side and they don't even know half the stuff abou it. Because I usually keep a child-like innocense about myself, as do most furries, my mum shouted "Why can't you be more normal?" at me, I ran to my room and cried all night becuase in my opinion. Everyone has their own view on whatt the horride word "Normal" means. So if I want to wear fursuits because it makes me happy, make my own career choices because that'll make me happy (I'm secretl trying to become a zoologist) and if I am in a relationship with a boy because I love him and vise versa, that suddenly doesn't make me normal.
    I read an article once on why parents dislike their children after being told tht ther son/daughter was gay/lesbien/bisexual is that every parent who has stereotypical dreams for their child. Go to school, play sports, get good results, get a good job, meet a nice girl (or boy if you are a girl reading this), have kids and you kinda get the idea. I'll say that I'm gay and even though I had about 5 girlfriends over my 14 years of existence to cover it up. I just gave up trying to hide it and now I'm back to being bullied by this homophobe at school. I mean, just because I like boys and he likes girls doesn't make me that different, we're still both human beings embracing our individuality. He punched me 6 times because I flinch everytime someone throws a juggling ball at me.
    Back to the point, yeah stereotypical dreams of the parents die and they get relly upset. Maybe they'll grow to accept it but I'm not sure, all parents are different. Plus, we're finding our places in a community that parents might have only seen on that CSI episode (horrible misrepresentation of the furry fandom) and that may effect their veiw, the public's general opinion on furries is bad and sometimes people can be very judgemental using only their two eyes and not thinking about it.
    In the end, while furries are considered to be a 'sex obsessed' and 'fantisimic' culture. I personally consider being a furry as being expressive in a completely new light and I can just let go of all the things I hold backwhen I'm at school or out, comments like "He's cute" or "I just really need a hug right now." Plus, I believe that It's a certain part of us, buried deep down in our minds and eventually, it surfaces. I love being a furry and I will never let go of Skar, even if I have to sacrifise being a TB, I'm going to hold onto him like my precious Lion-O.
    If you're still reading this post by this point, then I'd like you all to know that I don't have the most easy going lifestyle with parents not accepting and I continue to do what I love so I know exactly how it feels to feel alone, desperate, maybe unloved. But I reach out to all of you in that position and I urge you to keep going as I am, and I promise that at the light at the end of the tunnel, it will all be worth it!!!!

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    My parents somehow found out I was a furry and confronted me about it. they said I wasn't normal so I told them that "NORMALITY SUCKS!" and I ran off in the woods for a day or two. After that they haven't said anything else about the subject.

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    Ok, it's hard to see until you have a kid. but parents live through their children. their own personal unrealized hopes and dreams and expectations are often times projected onto the person of their children. this is especially true were it comes to gay children. you see many parents are straight as a requirement for their job-title (breeders). they then project that onto their children. and become very disappointed when the reality of their growing child doesn't fit their dream.....

    when adults come together to have children, they give up a lot of freedoms and i feel that is why they end up trying to live out their lives through their children. i can't really blame them for trying. but too, i can't blame the children for chafing against their parents dreams.

    i certainly did.
    but just the same, i forgave them for the road-blocks they put in my path as a result of their dreams for me......

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    Their parents. They worry. They don't know what to do. Sometimes they really are unequipped to deal with it and their kid but can be fine with it in general. As lodgewrecker said, it's hard to see to you have children of your own.

    (I honestly should have this response saved somewhere...)
    I belong to a minority faith (Paganism) in a Catholic family. I've had several bouts with them. To be honest, I'm rather lucky to have accepting folks and friends. They may not agree, or merely "put up with it" but understand to a point to, well, still have a loving relationship with me. So I guess that's something.

    Ultimately though, as you've stated, your opinion of yourself is more important.

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