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Thread: Tips on buying first diapers?

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    Default Tips on buying first diapers?

    Im 150-160 pounds dont really know my waist size... I have to get them from cvs what kind can i get there that will fit good? Also how do i go out buy and then sneak them inside my house ( i still live with mom, dont call ne pathetic) without anyone knowing the cvs is about a mile away and i will walk or ride my bike there. Any tips on how to get them home without anyobe seeing them? Thanks

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    Buy diapers 32-40 waist size. Try to go out and buy the diapers when your parents are not home. If you can't do that then you can try sneaking up to your room with them. If you are that paranoid, hide them outside until your parents leave, and then bring them in to your room.

    Buying them is the easiest part, I don't know about hiding because I don't know the layout of your room.

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    When sneaking something into the house it's a good idea to do it in stages so you can time your work and be more careful. Don't plan to take them directly from CVS to your bedroom. Plan to take them to somewhere near your house. To the neighbor's open garage, behind the fence out at the alley, etc. Drop off the package, then go the short distance to the house to make sure the coast is clear. Then quickly get them moved into the house. You should have a spot prepared to put them BEFORE going to get them.

    The last thing you want to do is have an unexpected person in the house see you walk in with a "suspicious package". Unless you are planning for that anyway and have a good, workable explanation for it.

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    buy them then hide them in a bush or somewhere close to your house and wake up early and make a breakfast for your mom and make the table fancy like cook eggs and stuff like that then tell her its a surprise and she cant come out then bring them in

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