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Thread: Looking For Advice On Converting My Bedroom Into A Toddler Style Room.

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    Question Looking For Advice On Converting My Bedroom Into A Toddler Style Room.

    I was wondering if anyone had any personal advice or experience on converting your bedroom to something much more little, I Currently have My bed pretty much covered but I was wondering about wall decals and the whole wall decor thing?

    I Already have My decor plans but My question is more about the reactions from others who might see My bedroom such as a landlord or any other type person to fix or repair something in My bedroom.

    My mom is the only one who currently might enter My bedroom and she is really supportive and all about everything which also makes My Life so Much Easier!

    I Am really conflicted on this because it is something I Am personally comfortable with but I Am not to sure about anybody others reactions, My bedroom is self supported with its own bath and closet so it should not be a high traffic Area so to speak?

    Also nothing would be permanent as I rent My apartment currently And Also Live Alone As Well, So if anybody has any helpful advice or suggestions to offer Me, I would be very happy to hear them !

    Thank You, For your Kind Help

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    A good idea is to pick a theme and then to just build up around it. For example, let's take a Lion King themed toddler style room (my dream room!). You could go for the classic orange/red/yellow colour schemes, a few models of the characters placed around as ornamentation, printed mats, a themed lamp shade (these are great and rarely noticeable) and maybe a canvas wall print.

    If you do this carefully you can decorate in a way that you feel is little but that won't be particularly noticeable to an outsider. However, if someone does see it then you've presumably granted them access to your room. If it's someone you trust you shouldn't have a problem, and if it's someone like your landlord you should have time to de-toddler-ify the place.

    For what it's worth I've had workers in my apartment on short notice for emergency repairs. I had plushies out, my sippy cup was on the draining board and my Thomas The Tank bedding was on my bed. I didn't get a single comment about any of it. They've probably seen far, far worse in those sorts of occupations...

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