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    So a few days ago I got my first order of Bambino Teddys. This was also my first order of adult diapers, and therefore the first time I've ever gotten plastic backed ones.
    Anyway, upon opening one of the bags and pulling out the first diaper, I felt the plastic backing, and instantly felt nostalgic! I don't have much of a memory of wearing diapers as a baby (potty trained at 18 months), but I swear feeling of the padding paired with that plastic felt so familiar.
    Has anyone else had this feeling before? Maybe companies such as Huggies used this kind of plastic on their diapers in the early 90's.

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    Not sure but I can definitely confirm that they were simply amazing feeling compared to everything else I had worn before that. (Depends/CVS/Goodnite/Molicare/Abena)

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    Not exactly what you described, but something similar happened to me.

    I was also potty trained at 18 months when plastic was common, and I also have no direct memory of wearing diapers as an infant. In my earlier years of infantilism (12-13) I remember thinking that diapers were somehow not what they should have been. The thoughts I remember were more of a metallic and almost golden or silver texture and for months I was obsessed with trying to figure out what my thought process was and why diapers didn't quite seem right. Eventually I understood that it was more of a rough plastic rather than soft metal, but it was an odd realization that I somehow had a direct connection to my infantile years which words can't describe. I wasn't able to try plastic diapers for many more years to come and by the time I did there was nothing left of my remnant memory to create nostalgia with plastic (quite the opposite actually, because cloth backed diapers were the norm of my later childhood and now I pleasantly remember the joy of sneaking diapers in my youth and adolescence). I do think it is quite special though to have had that connection to my infancy.

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