I currently have Toonami on my mind, thus the Title. But, I think your beatiful either way.

For around 2 and so years now I have known that I was different. I didn't completely understand that fantasizing about being coddled had an entire culture to it, but I'm honestly very relieved that I am not alone in all of this. I suppose I recognized myself as an Adult Baby (as I'm apparently no longer a teenager, sigh) a little more than a year ago, but there were signs since I was 14 that I look back on that tell me that this was a long time coming.

Things I enjoy are coloring, reading, writing, collecting Sleeping Beauty (and other Disney Princess) items, learning different languages (I understand both basic French and Spanish at the moment), and rainy weather.

I would absolutely LOVE to make friends who understand where I'm coming from, which is the main reason I'm here. But I would also like to read others woes, advice, etc so I can understand myself better, and help others in the process. I've had enough time to think this through, and I'm very hopeful that this website will achieve at least one of the above goals.

Anyway, I ramble.

Good morning everyone (12:01AM on the dot)!!!