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Thread: Abena vs Bambino vs ABU

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    Cool Abena vs Bambino vs ABU

    So I'm probably going to get a case of diapers pretty shortly and I was wondering what you thought was the best diaper out of these three brands I have it narrowed down too.

    From knowledge I've collected from various people's opinions and articles would it be like...



    SDK? (I probably know the least about these ones)

    At the moment I'm thinking Bambino Bellisimos would probably be pretty good but I really need some help on the matter. What do you think out of these three brands is the best diaper available? You don't have to just choose one of the diapers I put, that's just my current thoughts on the matter.

    I could also just get samples from each one and try them out as well. That's another option.

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    can't tell about the Bambinos and ABU's, but the M4's are certainly a very good choice, especially as they are readily available in Australia (online with free shipping). The only downside is the missing cuteness factor (prints), but otherwise top notch. I can't say anything negative about them. You consider getting the other ones from overseas?

    Another alternative in Australia on the M4 level are the Molicares Super Plus. If you keep your eyes open, you can find them even in some pharmacies, otherwise from the same online shops as the M4's. I will buy another case of them tomorrow.


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    Actually, I've found Bambinos and ABU's available in Australia at two seperate places now. So no importing required!

    Thanks for the post, I've never really looked into Molicare. The only Molicare product I've used is Active (I think that's what it was called) and it was a decent pull-up.

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    Hey mate,

    where did you find the Bambinos in Australia? I would consider testing them one day. Please send the website, and I'll add it to the list in the Aussie Unite Group. Yes, I forgot there is a vendor for ABU's in Australia, but I'm not too sure about the one tape concept, so I never tested them.

    Molicare Super Plus are the standard nappy in Germany for heavy incontinence and up to scratch with Abenas. The only downside is for some people that they are purple which is not very baby like. But I wear other stuff on top of them, so I don't care too much. Here in Adelaide are at least two places which sell them in store. The good thing is that the one shop even sold the case even 25% cheaper then you would get them online (about AUD90 vs 125). So if you live in a major city, have a good look around. I bought a bag of Molicare active, and I am not too much a fan of them, haven't used that bag yet completely. I even preferred the goodnites (or drynites, can't remember), even they barely fit me. The super plus are a completely different thing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tomcat View Post
    How do u order bambino and ABU in australia thx
    For ABU's, check here: Click

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    Assuming that Bellissimos have the same price premium in Australia that they have in the US, your best bet is probably Abena M4s. They are the gold standard of premium diapers, holding a ton, with a really reliable tape system that fits well.

    If babyishness is critical, then I would opt for the Bellissimos - they have prints and should hold more than the M4s (as if this were necessary), but you will pay for that pricewise.

    ABU's do not have the capacity of a premium diaper, but are nonetheless priced like them. These are the worst bang for your buck.

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    The people at B-Hynds are awesome for bringing in the ABUs but they still wind up being very expensive I too would love to see where in Australia you can get Bambino's.

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    ABUniverse's Cushies and SDK's don't hold a candle to the highest-end diapers (Bambinos, Abena X-Plus, etc.) in terms of thickness and absorbency; their primary appeal is in being designed as essentially a scaled-up baby diaper, with the cutesy designs and the single-tape fastening (which actually makes for a surprisingly good, snug fit). If you want a diaper that will take your piss for a while without needing to add boosters, don't go with the ABU diapers.

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    Abena M4 are currently on sale and available in plastic backing. They are the superior diaper for protection and based on your choices I would suggest them. It is a good time to stock up.

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