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    Ok I need some serous help her, Alyssa (my cousin) is under my care for a while, she is 19 and she has high functioning autism. Her period started up today. Due to sensory issues she cant use pads or tampons, she used to use goodnights but today we discovered she out grew them l xl sizes and she is really upset what do you suggest? She really LOVES the pictures of the goodnights, but most important is the design and texture. Does anyone know of a diaper brand with similar design and texture as the goodnites? We have tried depends but the texture and design aren't right and bother her.

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    Look into bambinos. They have designs on their diapers that might appeal to her. They do cost a lot though, though these are the only quality diaper i can think of that also has designs on them.[COLOR="Silver"]

    Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

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    does anyone know a brand I can buy in stores that are designed like the goodnights? Specifically the padding and texture? (the decorative designs are a plus but not a major need. Mostly we need them to

    A have the same texture and similar padding

    B Be able to be bought in the US

    C must be affordable

    what brands do you like best and why?

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    Well if you want something like goodnites but only larger. Depends underwear is likely the closest thing to them. they are both made under Kimberly Clark so I assume they use some of the same basic materials to save on costs, both are "cloth" backed.

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    I think depend adjustable underwear would be the most like a goodnite, they are made by the same company. The ony problem is they don't hold alot of urine, which would be find if she only using them for her period

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    Autismmom1: I sent you a message, and hope you received it. I would recommend that you visit XPMedical, and check out some of the offerings from Abena. They have some available, with the cloth-like backing, that are surprisingly comfortable, and very close in texture to the Goodnites. I look forward to your response.

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    Thank you honey well I did read it and I will be replying as soon as I have some time thank you very much

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    I have not found pictures with the print but here, check this out.There was print put on for those who like print.
    Depend Adult Printed Pull-ups @

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secretlyme View Post
    I have not found pictures with the print but here, check this out.There was print put on for those who like print.
    Depend Adult Printed Pull-ups @
    Those are sold in stores like walgreens and CVS, Rite-aid, i'm sure ABU is selling them at something of a markup though.

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