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    Lightbulb Venturing

    I have been wearing disposable diapers, as an adult, for about 10 years due to neurological issue. I have always liked diapers as a kid and then now again as an adult. I am not ashamed, but I am no exhibitionist (not criticizing anyone who is). Anywho, I just bought a pacifier on a whim and I think it's a great feeling and I'm most definitely a gay dude so I am not having a fantasy or sensational feeling of sucking a teat. HA!

    I am not sure if its a regression thing or a taboo novelty but it feels right.

    I am not into role playing or the paraphilic infantilism and when I was growing up pacifiers were not something my family gave the kids. I am not sure where its all coming from, maybe my adult/teen baby online friends are an inspiration. Who knows. At this point I am not going to over-analyze it. I am just going to continue embracing it.

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    That's awesome, dude! ^^

    Whether you are AB or DL or LF or a mix of all three, it's all about exploring and finding what feels comfortable. Allowing your inhibitions to drop will not only be a rewarding experience in itself, but you will learn a lot more about who you really are.

    The answer for why something feels right (i.e. nerming your paci) isn't always obvious. I wouldn't worry, though; your mind is clearly craving it. Perhaps, eventually, you'll stumble upon a revelation and it will all become clear. ^^

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    You don't have to be interested in infantilism to like very specific things, such as a pacifier or a blanket. Often people associate with specific objects/object types out of sentiment. What you're doing is actually quite normal in a generalized sense.

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    onecho & Entity, thank you for the replies. much appreciated. i am very much not attaching a stigma or some type of dogma in regards to this. i am just going with the flow. i understand its just a part of materialism, but then again, almost all of what we do is materialistic so no harm no foul.

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