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Thread: diaper trouble

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    Question diaper trouble

    im having trouble finding a good diaper that wont leak ive tried alot of diffrent diapers but they allways leak out the sides or back i havent been wearing daipers for long and was wondering if im doing somthing wrong

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    Maybe... but if you don't tell us what diapers you've tried, how are we supposed to know what to recommend?

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    You might be getting the wrong size or not getting it on tight enough.

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    Which are you using? I found the it was competently the Band. No matter how tight or lose I made it, my Depends always leaked.

    Try buying a sample pack at one of the online diaper stores. That is how I discovered Dry 24/7's and I fell in love. XP Medical -Sample Packs has them, but so do most online stores that deal in diapers.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkpaciAlly View Post
    You might be getting the wrong size or not getting it on tight enough.
    ....also wetting while you're lying on your side can be a problem. Or you could be flooding - Most diapers I've tried cant take a full bladder all in one go!

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    I would recommend Wellness Briefs. Plus if you stay in any diapers for too long, they eventually leak.

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    Hi there,

    I have had this problem. Tried many diapers. The biggest thing is how they are put on. The tapes should be nice and tight, leak gathers stretched and in pace. The best diapers that work for me are: Tranquil, ATN. Abena, m3, m4. secure plus, wellness, and Dry 24/7. I also use pin on cloth diapers at night. If you sleep on your side, you might want to consider cloth diapers, or at least wear plastic pants over you disposable. Pull on, pull ups do not work for me.
    Another trick I learned, is knowing when your wet. when the diaper starts to get heavy in the front, I know its almost time to change. Or you could stick to one all around type of diaper, say the Abena M4, and just change on a timely basis. if you change every 6-8 you should be okay, unless your drinking allot of fluids.
    hope this helps.

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