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Thread: favorite console of all time

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    Default favorite console of all time

    I've seen a few 'favorite games' threads, and noticed there was none about the consoles we use to play the games. I figured what the hell, might aswell have a thread for the consoles. If you want to list your top 10 or whatever feel free. i'll even start.

    1)Sega dreamcast
    2)Xbox 360
    4)Sega Megadrive/Genesis
    5) Commodore Amiga 500/600

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    2)Xbox 360
    4)any variation of the Nintendo DS

    Also I noticed you don't have a 6th favourite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBcub View Post
    1. Xbox 360 2. N64 3. PC :P
    PC gets third place?! Oh, my heart... *clenches chest and dramatically falls over*

    Here's my list:

    1. PC
    2. PS3
    3. Xbox 360
    4. Gamecube
    5. Super Nintendo
    6. N64
    7. NES

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    1) PC (I can play games from basically any time past or present, sometimes a bitch to get them to work but still)
    2) N64
    3) PS2
    4a) NES
    4b) PS1
    5) Atari

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    I would have to say Sega Saturn, Gamecube then Xbox 360

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    Haha i just noticed my lack of a 6th now, i hadn't slept in like 30 hours when i posted this, my 6th is the sega saturn by the way!

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