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    Butterfly Mage

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    One of my friends died today of a sudden illness. I wanted to take this time to remember what was good about her. This is my candle of memory.

    She had a bawdy sense of humor and laughed like a trucker. She could bench-press a Buick. She could find humor in the darkest situations. She rescued unwanted dogs and gave them good homes. She was true to her faith and didn't let religious bigots bring her down for her being a lesbian. She was true to her partner of twenty years. She helped raise three kids who were not her own, and she did it with love and care.

    I am grateful for the time in which she helped save me from being homeless. When the Church turned me away and literally slammed the door in my face, she and her partner gave me food and paid for my medicine until I was back on my feet. No Christian lent me a hand, but she and her partner did.

    She never let prejudice and hate bring her down. Even when she lost a job due to persecution, she moved on. She never whined or complained. She had lots of courage and bravery. She never gave up.

    She died from cancer. That was the one foe she couldn't beat.

    I will remember my friend. I will remember her kindness, generosity, and humor. May she be received by deity in love.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your friend She sounded like a wonderful person. She will always be around in spirit And she'll want you to remember all the good times and how she was RIP Butterfly Mage's Friend.

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    God takes the good ones, often too soon. At least this has been my observation. I'm so sorry for you loss Butterfly Mage. It is so hard to lose the ones we love and care about. I believe that the great continuum brings us back together in its own time and place. Until then, we wait and feel the grief created by their passing. My guess is that she is not far from you.

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    I am sorry for your loss, Butterfly Mage. From your words, I can tell that she was a special and wonderful person. In truth, I had a short-lived feeling of envy of you when I read your words, she sounds like she was someone I would have liked to have had as a friend.

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    i don't have words to match the beauty and clarity of yours, Butterfly...

    witting comes hard for me. but i feel in your passages the love and honor you held your very close friend in. and too, i very much feel the pain and loss and loneliness. like maybe the world will never be the same.

    so i say this in humble respect; i pray in my faith-system, that your faith-system sustain you. and that you have human companionship to lean on in this time as well.....
    both you and your friend are in my prayers this night...

    please forgive this, my awkward attempt at human compassion....

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    ok not to be a downer but why is someone always dieing on here? but anyway thats awful that that person died.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I am grateful for all the kimd replies. I will always remember the life-affirmimg, positive things my friend accomplished. She raised three children to adulthood who all loved her. It never mattered that she wasn't genetically related to them. They all turned out to be happy, successful, fully-actualized men and women. She lived just long enugh to meet her grandson for the first time. There are several very noce dogs that she gave a good home to over the years. She saved me from ending up living in a cardboard box. She had the best laughter. She and her partner were spectacula cooks. So,ething was always catchimg on fire.

    I miss her. I will remember her. I will honornher by helping others as she helped me.

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    Apologies for typos. I can't edit from my dinky tablet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    I miss her. I will remember her. I will honornher by helping others as she helped me.

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    That's a very nice sentiment and the very best think to do. I can imagine you doing that Butterfly Mage.

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