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Thread: Japanese Diapers

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    Default Japanese Diapers

    I'm going on a trip to Japan for a few months and was wondering if anybody knew of any easy options to get diapers shipped to me over there.

    I'd really like to try some Japanese diapers but I don't feel comfortable going into a store and buying them. So ideally I'd like to order them, and have them shipped to my apartment.

    I also know this may not be the right subforum to ask in, but does anyone know how the Japanese are with accessories for adult babies? Like where would I go to look up that sort of stuff?

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    What's wrong with going in and buying them?

    You don't live in Japan :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z3R0 View Post
    What's wrong with going in and buying them?

    You don't live in Japan :P
    I should have addressed this. I'm not the only person going from where I work. I know Japan is a relatively big country. I know that it's unlikely that a co-worker or someone who would recognize me would be in the same store that I'm buying them from. But, it could mean bad things for my job and I just don't want to take the chance.

    Also I figured the experts would have some info on getting supplies in Japan.

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    I don't believe buying diapers will get you fired from your job, and I would imagine that your co-workers would likely assume incontinence first. However, I do not know your co-workers, so I can not efficiently make that judgement.

    I am not familiar with what is available online or in stores in Japan, but I would say quality first. If you can find better diapers in stores, hit there. What are the odds of you getting caught by a co-worker in that country?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerie View Post
    are you living with coworkers?
    I'll have my own place. I was hoping someone here may have visited and would have some info on what can be found in country. If nothing turns up then I guess I'll have to come up with an overly elaborate scheme to buy them from a store.

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    I wonder how well they're made, how they perform compared to, say, an Abena.

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    Japan do have adult nappies and they have the abdl scene over there like any part of the world buying nappies shouldn't be a problem as they haven't got a nationalised health service so nappy purchases will be done in store also if you do a simple google search for japanese adult nappies sure you'll find stuff. when I was in malaysia they sold tena maxi slips at the 7-11 which made my life a lot easier...

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    i would love to take a trip to japan and indulge on all of the japanese brands we don't get over here.

    are you an all your coworkers living in the same area? not the same house, but say, city or town or whatever? if you are, then just drive to the next city and go into the stores.

    gahh i really want to go to japan

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