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Thread: Should I wear to the Dr office or not

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    Default Should I wear to the Dr office or not

    I read a few other posts before posting this. It's been my family dr for 19 years. But I have just come to terms with this side of me and decided to go 24/7 and now have been for 6 months. I'm so use to it now I don't like going with out them and very use to going pee in them, Im actually nervous I might actually go thinking I have one on.
    I guess my big question is....., is it disrespectful to go to the dr like that. After all they know my fam. I would assume yes. An hr in underwear won't hurt I suppose any thoughts and oppinions???

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    Go in normal underwear, diapers may pose questions about the health of your bladder and bowels if noticed, which would be awkward; you'd have to explain that you wear "recreationally".

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    I wouldnt go in diapers.... Like Supersame1223 said, if they notice, they'll ask you about it, thinking you have a medical condtion and then you'l have to give some kind of explaination.

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    What about going to see a psychiatrist? I often think my state of depression warrants a visit to a "think" doctor. I feel wearing diapers there would help to explain my need for a source of comfort in a very troubled world. Bad idea? I guess I would want to know the doc has dealt with infantilism and DL before I got there.

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    I really don't see a problem with it. Doctors and nurses find stranger things in their breakfast cereal than someone who wears diapers. I don't like the idea of dressing up special in diapers to show off to a doctor or someone else who isn't involved but if it's just what you wear, it's what you wear. Be advised there could be questions and be prepared to answer those in a reasonable way (probably the more truthful the better). I think as long as you're not doing it for the thrill of trying to make someone deal with your weirdness, you're on fairly stable ground. However, you may decide that you're not ready for that potential conversation and just wear something more conventional that day. Your call.

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    I don't see a problem with it. In fact, the diapers and your urge to use them, could be one of the symptoms of your depression. I would probably describe that situation on your visit to the practitioner. Just be ready for him to ask you more about your circumstances. I didn't fully understand why I was needing to wear protection, until I was diagnosed with autism 10 years ago. Later, I became more aware of some of the tactile and sensory problems associated with my condition. And for that reason, I will most likely need to throw away my regular underwear and replace them with diapers instead. I may not always have accidents, but the sensory and tactile are the real deal killers for me.

    I will add one more thing: It is good that you are confronting this now, rather than later. You will have a far better chance of getting, and holding down a job, and finding a relationship with someone who really understands and cares about you. You have a bright future. Live your life to the fullest.

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    So the act of wearing diapers is in no way disrespectful, honestly I would care less, and depending on your individual family physician it is possible that it could even not be noticed (though it probably will be given the normal exam most PCP's will do considering you haven't seen one in a while). That said the bigger question that I would be concerned about is your willingness to discuss the diaper wearing. Remember, if you are wearing a diaper to the physician you will be asked about it if they notice. If you feel comfortable giving an honest and straightforward issue I would say it is no problem, it wouldn't change any clinical thinking and I wouldn't be worried about underlying medical issues, the flip side is that if you make up some fake incontinence story that would be disrespectful to the physician, as well as wasting health care resources and exposing you to unnecessary tests.

    So basically, if you can wear them and be honest about why you are wearing them go ahead, but if you are going to be secretive or make up some story its probably better to go without.

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    See if you can get some Underwear with an absorbent pad in front, it looks like underwear.

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    In order to be happy you have to accept yourself for who you really are. Your doctor and you have a confidential relationship together. If you try to be someone that is not you then it is your problem and no one else really cares. Just tell the doctor in a short line the truth and let it go. You have a lot of support on this board for doing the right thing. It is really no big deal as this is the real you and I would not tell you to cover-up even for your doctor. Wear the diapers as you like and you will also have less stress.

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    See no problem with wearing to psych... You're not involving them if you do. If you choose to talk about it RE your psychology then you should be able to wear no problem, it's part of what you're discussing. If you choose to not open up about this side then you could still wear and it wouldn't come up. I have seen psych for the tremendous stress we're going through, told her about this side of me and extremely glad I did. She has been totally supportive and helpful unlike any other person.

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    Different thought RE the doctor... they will likely push you for answers, not like interrogation, but look at it from their perspective- they may think you've had a growing tumor for the last 6 months. Probably push you to go to urologist, and the testing for that isn't fun (catheter, fill bladder, recatheter, measure etc...) Just my opinion but those would be much more difficult waters to navigate than the psych indicated above.

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