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Thread: Sampling premium diapers and looking for a good fit

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    Question Sampling premium diapers and looking for a good fit

    I am going to order some samples of premium diapers online soon and have issues selecting ones at sizes that will fit me. I currently am using Depends size S/M (since my waist size is around 30'') but they lack in absorbancy. They also do not seem to fit right, bunching up after a little bit of wearing although I may just be messing up the the tapes.

    I have looked and have no interest in any patterned diapers from ABU. I am currently tempted to order from XP Medical: Medium Abena (with M4 likely to be my favorite), Medium Attends, and Medium Molicare.

    The Dry 24/7 are tempting but I think I would only fit in the S/M which supposedly are not much different than an M4 anyway.

    Am I missing anything? My main concern is getting the fit right while getting something better than Depends. Also, are there any tricks to taping that I am missing?

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    you cant go wrong with abena m4 molicare super plus or dry 24/7 im about the same waist size as you 32? and have no problem with medium 24/7 i think you'll be very surprised with the quality of those diapers compared to depends.

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    Also consider the Secure X-Plus or the Bianco from Bambino.

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    You can get sample sizes at most reputable diaper sites. Try XP Medical - Sample Packs. They have sample sizes (ie 2 or 3 in a size) You pay a lot per diaper, but your not going to spend a bunch of money on diapers that don't fit.

    That is how I switched to Dry 24/7s from Depends. I bought sample sizes of Medium and larges for a couple of brands. I fell in love with Dry 24/7s and haven't looked back.

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