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Thread: Is this going to last forever?

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    Default Is this going to last forever?

    So, I had a foley catheter in for several days when I was unconscious in the ICU. After I woke up they kept it in for a few more days because I couldn't get out of bed.
    When I was transferred to another hospital they removed it & I figured everything would be back to normal. At the new hospital, the nurses (& myself) noticed that I hadn't urinated in a long time. Sure enough, I was retaining over 1000 CCs of urine.
    They straight cathed me every 4-6 hours while I was there and then "taught" me how to do it myself on my discharge date. I had an appointment with a urologist soon. The next day I went to my regular doctor and told her I hadn't peed in 18 hours & couldn't cath myself. She put a foley in and said that should wrk for now.
    I got a kidney infection, ended up at the ER and they had to remove it. The urologist gave me a different kind of catheters and told me to come back in a week. It still takes me like 7 minutes to cath myself and HURTS. But the weird thing is this:
    I feel the urge to pee like every 5-15 minutes. When I cath myself, only lik 10-50 CCs comes out! I started wearing a pull up or belted undergarment to school, in case I leak or something, but I still can't pee on my own.
    Has this ever happened to anyone? Am I going to have these urges and/or leak forever?????

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    I was in the ER for seizures and all of the sudden I stopped breathing. They don't really know why. I was just in the ICU until they were able to take out the breathing tube & I could breathe on my own.

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