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Thread: Industrial Hemp

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    Default Industrial Hemp

    Should it be legal?

    Its oil can be used to replace petroleum based oil in rubber, plastics. The oil can even be used for bio-diesel, and ethanol. Its fibers can be used for clothing, rope, canvas, textiles, and even be used to make a non toxic fiberglass that can be used on automobile and airplane bodies.

    The seeds themselves can be used as a food supplement. At 80%, the hempseed oil contains the highest concentration of total PUFAs in the plant kingdom, the majority of which are the two essential fatty acids (EFA) linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). Highly nutritious potato chips made with hempseed oil.

    Some may say that introducing hemp oil into foods is bad because it will make everyone "loopy", but in all actuality it won't. The seeds have the lowest concentration of THC (active ingrediENT that makes you loopy), and can be processed and have any thc removed.
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    One of the reasons hemp was banned in the first place had mainly to do with commercial and industrial applications of hemp; the fact that hemp can get you high was used as ammunition for commercial companies (especially companies that made wood-based paper) so that they wouldn't loose business. Hemp is a hardy plant with so much potential in manufacturing that I'm actually disappointed at how we squandered it's potential for the sake of making money.

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    I have always heard that the THC content of hemp is very low. I don't think it gets you that high.

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    Hemp is legal in Canada (that being said, you need a licence to grow it to ensure that it isn't used for any illegal purposes and to ensure that any hemp product does not contain too much THC) and I really don't see anything wrong with it. My mom has used everything from hand creme with hemp to hemp milk (yes, that exists) without any problems. Fact is, once you get rid of the THC hemp has a lot of really useful applications so banning it is a waste.

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    Useful but it makes it impossible to grow real the smoking kind anywhere the pollen blows. If cities let it grow in the ditches and planted patches in forests it could shut reduce the local pot supply.

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    Rooky> the plant is legal in some country.

    Its transformation into cigarettes in order to smoke it is not however :p

    In Europe, 15 000 ha are covered by Cannabis sativa and 2/3 of them are in France ^^ But you have to keep the THC under 0.2%.
    Some cultivar can be used such as Beniko, Carmagnola, Delta 405 or Félina 34. BUT only for the fiber or to feed animals (birds with the seeds).

    However, the use of the oil to make biodiesel or ethanol is really expensive (it's cheaper to used algae in photobioreactor or open-ponds).

    It is a promising culture but most of the industry is only interested in the fiber. (for clothing mostly)

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    There are fields of the stuff just a few miles away from me. I actually know someone who's trying to grow it -- apparently you need a certificate from the Home Office or something, which is a bit of a pain, but guarantees a higher price for the crop since supply is kept relatively low by such restrictions.

    As for hemp and seeds in food, I found it invaluable as a student. Cheap hemp flapjacks can *really* fill you up, and have a really interesting (subtle) taste. I hear that hemp is actually quite good for you... I can't remember exactly why...

    Cannabis seeds are also commonly found in bird food, although they're supposed to be non-viable. If you want the "proper" quality ones you have to go to a headshop and pay around £10 a seed!

    And for the two people who voted "Na"... why?! What's the difference (in terms of legal application) between banning hemp and banning wood? Should trees be made illegal?! Or what about flowers (opium comes from a flower, y'know...)?

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    I fail to see the problem once the THC is removed. I lost an opportunity to buy some hemp clothing a few years back and regret it as it was very soft and comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorlonfairy View Post
    I fail to see the problem once the THC is removed. I lost an opportunity to buy some hemp clothing a few years back and regret it as it was very soft and comfortable.
    When I say industrial, I mean everything, even its medicinal properties. THC and cannabanoids time and time again been proven to do no harm to the human body.

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