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Thread: New thoughts on incontinence

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    Lightbulb New thoughts on incontinence

    I recently had a very interesting idea. If anyone has read the 12 month diaper training program, this is a variation. The principles behind it are simple classical conditioning. Associate urination with diapers easy. Taking it in another direction, what if you played a song or some other noise while urinating? I think this might work because classical conditioning has been proven to have effects in thins we have no control over, things like our immune systems.
    So a person would play a noise before and during Urination, don't even need a diaper. Eventually the conditioning will get to the point where you begin to urinate automatically whenever you hear the sound. Make sure you pick a sound that you will never hear outside your own house though.

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    This thread should probably go in the incontinence sub-forum, I imagine

    EDIT: Nope, never mind. Just realized that's for actual incontinence.
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    While conditioning like that would conceivably work, it would take months or even years to achieve that level of association. Good luck finding volunteers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity View Post
    While conditioning like that would conceivably work, it would take months or even years to achieve that level of association. Good luck finding volunteers.
    I wouldn't be totally against it XD

    On a side note though, a certain hypnosis site that features ABDL related files has a few things like this. One is actually meant to make you wet and mess yourself uncontrollably whenever the phone rings. I think that would be a lot of fun :P It would probably make me wear diapers out of precaution which would probably eventually lead me to using them 24/7 just because if I'm wearing one I'll be like "Oh might as well use it".

    That would be an interesting chain of events indeed. I wonder if I should do it...

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    I would definitely do this... if I had a steady stream of diapers.

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    This is really quite a clever idea. It would take a while to get the response to be truly involuntary, it might make you need to pee but to actually make you unconsciously pee instantly would take a long time and maybe even require additional elements. If anyone tries this I would love to hear about the results.

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    I'm thinking about trying it.Yes it may take a few months, but is I first need to find a sound that I will never hear outside my bathroom. Ideas?

    The point of this is that you can wet with an involuntary feeling on command. But taking it a step further, what could I associate with urination to make the process faster, or better?

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    The human mind is very good at making connections (such as 'growling noise nearby' => 'climb up the nearest tree and hide') because humans who weren't able to form those connections tended not to survive long enough to breed. However, you'd be amazed how resistant the average human brain is to having this sort of thing forced on it.

    It's also worth remembering that if you do get yourself conditioned in this way you won't be able to easily turn it off. For example, say you manage to train yourself to pee if you hear an obscure bit of music. You might think it's a fairly safe choice, but what if there is an obscure music fan on the bus who happens to be playing that song on his phone.

    I think a better approach would be trying to condition yourself to simply relax when padded to the extent that you're happy to go in your diaper. That would probably be effective to the same sort of extent without the associate risks.

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