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Thread: Matching Panties and Bra... Sissy style...

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    Default Matching Panties and Bra... Sissy style...

    Ok, i get that being padded is important in any sissy/Lg's life. but what about those time's when you want to make a fashion statement. or just go out on the town and know that you are looking your best (and shell we say, well coordinated) should a sudden gust of wind blow that cute little nothing of a dress right up over your head if even for a moment.
    i mean is your closet (and your head) so full of diapers and pretty plastic pants that you have forgotten to make room for the finer girly things in life. has anyone thought what the man (when they find one) will want to see or feel when first he cops a feel....?
    even under jeans and a T-shirt i want to feel my sissy-ness too.

    what does anyone else think?
    is this been hashed to death before....

    food for thought my follow ladies in waiting......

    by the way, please let me apologize for my previous "avatar".

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    Well I don't completely understand. I will say I do prefer a matching bra's and panties and clothes that match.

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    hello Miss. Tall....

    some people say that i do write a bit too flowery. i used to help out as a mod in a transgender group years ago, and what i wrote was just my way of trying to start a discussion. just trying to find a topic that would support conversation.

    i myself had SRS in 91 in portland, Or..... but i still like to have nice things and i too like my stuff to mach even if i am wearing jeans.

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    As I tend to buy stuff with matching in wind I tend not to have this problem a lot, but, I will say I can not seem to find 3 colors of bra's I am in need of Lavender, Green, and a red one, I have blues, purples, oranges, whites, blacks, pinks, etc... just not those three colors.

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    greetings Asayuu....

    my SO used to collect bra's when she first started out. everything under the sun.
    i am thinking the three colors you are looking for are best found around Christmas time. it lest in my part of the country that is true. but in Florida it may be different. do you like front hook or back hook the best? back i could wear a small size i just loved a warner front hook bra and matching panties.....

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    Thankyou for the information,
    Fronts are easier to put on, but I prefer back hooks because they are much more comfortable for me and tend support what boobage I have better. Red and green we may get some during holidays but finding a 42-46 A/B or 38-42 C non-undewire has been the trick. Around here lavender only tends to pop up during Easter, and not usually in my size. I do have though 2 white front hook Glamorise, that fit well and are fairly comfortable more so than any other front hook I have worn, and they are relatively cheap(~$12usd) and readily available. If I can figure out a good may to die them I may just make the colors I want. If anyone has experience dying nylon,poly,spandex and would like to share some tricks let me know.

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