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    To those who have bought plastic pants from amazon, do they come in little (well i guess comparatively big) envelopes or do they come in a small box (like delivered to the door rather than mailbox). Im just curious because it would change my mail interception plan.

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    Amazon uses plain brown boxes for shipping. Several months ago when they offered Tranquility ATN I ordered 3 cases. The price was posted with an error as they goofed on the Case vs package offer. The price was for a case and they sent a package. The deal was too good to be true as the diapers were about 10 cents each. UPS picked up the diapers and returned them. I found the same offer with another promotional discount house and ordered 5 cases. They sold them all to me at around 10 cents each as that is what they advertised. The diapers were Tranquility ATN in a small size which I use as stuffers. They sent 5 cases with 96 diapers each. These were also sent in a brown box.

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    But what about smaller items. Someone who reviewed the pants alluded to them ( being a much smaller item) coming in a brown envelope in the mail. I was wondering if that were true.

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    I bought plastic pants from Amazon once and they came in a plastic envelope, like you might expect a t-shirt or other clothing article to be shipped in.

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    Thankyou for your spot on answer. for clarification did the envelope come to your door or through normal mail.

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    UPS brings the products to your door. The Post Office does not. If the shipper is UPS you can expect it to arrive at your door step. The item is small so I would expect a package. It should just note from Amazon on the outside. Your might call Amazon and ask customer serivce to clarify the shipping details.

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    I also got plastic pants from Amazon & they came in a tiny box that was brought to my door by UPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishonastick View Post
    Thankyou for your spot on answer. for clarification did the envelope come to your door or through normal mail.
    Yes, mine came through the regular mail. Just check your tracking number; if it is USPS that is regular mail and it will be in your mailbox. If it says UPS, then it wll arrive delivered to your door.

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    Thanks. I checked and it is usps as i would prefer. I cant wait to finally get my hands on real plastic pants for my cloth diapers, trashbags i imagine are just not the same.

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