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    Lately, I've gotten attatched to my blankie more and more to the point where I wish I could be young and carry it with me everywhere like Linus from Peanuts. However, I'm not that dumb and stupid to carry it with me around all over the place; plus I don't want to be ridculed and stared at.

    I thought this would be a cute thing to share with ADISC. I hand-wrote an ode to my blankie while I was sitting at my work table last night and I just couldn't resist writing it out.

    So- this is my ode to my blankie...

    To my blankie, my best friend in the world. The one that's always there for me and comforts me.

    You're my loyal companion who never judges me for wearing diapers and playing baby. In fact, you're part of that fun when I play baby. You make me feel more like a baby or a toddler.

    You never judge me for being in diapers for medical issues either or judge me for my disabilities. You accept me as I have accepted you.

    You always are at my side at night to keep the bad dreams away and keep me safe. You are always in whatever room I'm in at home and sometimes tugged away securely in my backpack if I want you with me when I know I might need the comfort knowing you're there and no one else knows you are in my backpack

    I may have had you for a year and a half since my birthday in 2010 but you have become very special to me. VERY special cause my mom made you for me and that only tightens the bond I have with you.

    You even let me share you with my stuffed killer whale Dee Dee- I know she is needy herself but you understand she needs me too.

    To my blankie, my special and most loved friend in the entire world; may you always be at my side when I need you. I will always love you and keep you at my side.

    So- I had to share this. I know this may come across as corny, hokey and plain weird but my attachment to my blankie has gotten intense because of a lot of changes and stresses I've had to deal with in my life while my blankie has been one constant source of comfort for me.

    Well- I had to share. This is not my original blankie I had- that one's falling apart, about a year and a half ago ago my mom made me a new blankie that was meant to be a cover or something. Yes, my mom knows I sleep with it- and she has seen it in my living room on my recliner or couch. She's cool with it and my friends don't give a shit.


    So- what do you all think- cute or hokey?

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    I absolutly love the ode to your blankie! I think it is amazing that you are attached to your blankie! Something like that can help you a lot when you are feeling very stressed. Just be careful not to lose it. Does your blankie have a name?

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    No, I just call it 'Blankie' and it is really special to me and I am VERY careful. In fact when I moved I made sure it was in the first things I unpacked so it would be on my couch whilst I unpacked.

    It really is special to me.


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