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Thread: Diapers or self-catheterization while at school?

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    Default Diapers or self-catheterization while at school?

    I am either at school for class or there for work every day of the week. When I am working it's a little easier to excuse myself. I have all of my "supplies" in a small green Hello Kitty tote from Target that people always think is so cute.
    It's still really difficult & rather painful for me to self-cath (not to mention that I feel the urge to go like every 45 minutes - 2 hours and between 50-100 CCs comes out)!
    So, should I just wear a diaper or belted undergarment (still not sure how to use those exactly) to school & when I feel the urge, just go into the bathroom like everyone else and at least try???

    This is a recent problem so ANY advice would be much loved!

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    Id go diaper if I was you. From what I've heard, catherization is very painful.

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    Well, without being very knowledgeable in the area, I'd probably chose trying the diapers (due to the painfulness of the Catherization), But, you'd want to do some research into brands and such prior (as some hold wayyyy less then others), and its possible that they may not be as discreet as needed/wanted. But, it won't hurt to look into at least, even if it ends up not being a practical plan B (at least in my opinion).

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    Go with diapers, there's less rick of an infection.

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    I would have thought nappies would be the better option, as its less effort but as long you choose a brand that will hold enought for your needs and if I were you I wouldn'y be too worried about people finding out. yes it would be embarassing, but it's not like you don't need them. So I'd say nappies

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    i am not sure what 100 ccs look like but if it is not that much you could just get pull ups, you could go for diapers but with a pull up it is easier to go and use the potty if you wish. i like abena M3 i believe. but it is up to you if you use a diaper or pull up, i would just not use a catheter.

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    50-100 cc is roughly 50-100 mL or 1.67-3.33 oz
    And I agree that you should stay away from caths, especially in a public area such as a school.

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    NO catheters for me I do not need to run the risk of an UTI ... diapers all the way ... if I'm in the hospital and they ask to put a catheter on me, I'd pay them the extra to have diapers ... of course I would use the can for #2 because I don't like messy diapers or their smell ...

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    id go with a diaper .putting in a cath is supposed to be a sterile procedure something that would be difficult for someone with out training would probably lead to a uti and possibly sepses .btw cc and ml are the same thing us peeps in the medical field use them interchangeably.

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