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Thread: Introduction to a goon

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    Default Introduction to a goon

    Name: Indianajones

    Species: Human being/a guy

    Occupation: Secretly likes nappies, but wants to listen to music till the day I die

    Favorite nappy: Not sure, since I'm trapped in a castle called "my home", and I'm scared that I'll get the chance to get any. However, I do like Pampers, but they don't fit 30" waists (like I have) anymore (bangs head on wall and secretly regrets it).

    Nappies do not rule my life! What rules my head is my heart, and my heart is ruled by music and what rules my life is GCSEs, then A-levels, then Uni, then I'll take what life I can get! Live life to the full and laugh the loudest laugh ever

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    Welcome to the forums I wear pampers size 6, with a 33" waist! Slight modification, but can talk you through it if you would like, just PM me

    But yea, good introduction! Gets to the point hehe.

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    Thanks, mate! I see you're from the UK too (UK for the win!). Soz, but I can't PM apparently: says I'm not an "established contributor". Any chance you could get the info to me?
    Last edited by Indianajones; 14-Apr-2012 at 16:22. Reason: Just discovered I can't PM yet...

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    Wow, I can't believe your username wasn't taken yet. Indiana Jones! Very cool man.

    Always good to see more music fans. Hope you enjoy the community here!

    BTW: Get to 20 posts within the next week, and you'll be able to PM. You can read about it here.

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    Welcome! I suppose you're a fan of the Indiana Jones series (judging by your username)? I am, too - my Minecraft skin is Indiana Jones.

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    Actually, I came across the name by lucky chance. I like the Indiana Jones films, but haven't had a chance to own some myself oh well, I'm on the site now, and doesn't it feel good!

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