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    Red face Shy Diaper Lover

    Have been wearing diapers for 5 or more years now. Have often fantasized about meeting other people with the same interest but even writing this introduction is hard to do, let alone actually meeting someone else whose into wearing diapers. Never realized that I was part of a group this large, as far as diaper lovers go. I guess you could say this is my first step out of the closet. Anyone else about to step out?

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    Welcome to ADISC! There are certainly quite a few of us out there, and I wouldn't have had a chance to interact with other DLs out there had I not joined this site. What are some of your non-AB/DL interests? It's a lot easier to make new friends if you have some common ground other than diapers (since everyone's here for that same reason).

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    Welcome! Don't worry, a lot of people around here are shy. I was a lurker for quite some time. But if you open up and find common ground with people BESIDES diapers, I bet you can find some really great friends! Just tell us a bit about yourself, hobbies and whatnot.

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    Most of us are shy, especially about our central interest. Take a few more steps out of the closet and fill in some detail about you and, with our enormous range of ages, personalities and enthusiasms you will quickly find others who respond to you. Hope you enjoy being with us. Welcome to ADISC!

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