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Thread: i finally did it

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    Red face i finally did it

    So I finally got my first case of diapers. I immediately put one on, and it feels so amazing. I don't know why I waited so long. I even put my pants over them and went to get food. I actually walked in public with my diaper on. While I was out I felt the urge to pee. My first time peeing in a diaper and in public was such an amazing experience. I'm love with my diapers. I will definitely wear diapers 24/7. It's just way to comfy not to.

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    that's quite a busy start, most people will take things one day, one step at a time.

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    I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now. The moment I put my diaper on I knew it was for me. I had to get some things done and didn't want to take off my diaper. So I wore in public and peeing was very daring since I didn't know how protected I am. I knew I only had a lite bit if pee is why I did it. I enjoy the wet diaper so much I'm still wearing it after an hour later.

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    Sounds great Stephanie! Well done you!
    Welcome to the 'we who love to wet our diapers in public' crew!
    Have fun in your diapers!

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    Congratulations! The first diaper experience is never one to forget, so i'm glad it went so smoothly for you! Hope you really enjoy them!

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    Wow you move fast :P well done for being so brave I don't think i could ever be that brave. But that's a very quick decision to decide to go 24/7 :P

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    nice! happy wearing!

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    Awesome and congrats on your first case/public wearing! I can't seem to relax enough in public to wet like that yet.
    I went 24/7 over my spring break for around five days, but stopped when school started back up. I tried to see what it was like to change in a public restroom... chose one of the least used restrooms but was still really panicky about someone coming in or finding out.

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    Find a place that has a "one-holer" bathroom, with room for one person at a time, then no one can hear what you're doing.

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