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Thread: brand recommendations for thin diaper?

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    Default brand recommendations for thin diaper?

    I am still very new to abdl stuff, but I have been contemplating which diaper brand I would prefer. I have a small stash of Dry24/7's, but they are almost too bulky and I purposefully wait to wear them until I have a good amount of time to enjoy them when roommates are gone. With a thinner diaper, however, I could wear without roommates catching on (I am a woman with a fairly...curvy rear end). I am also mainly DL with a urine fetish and wouldn't mind a diaper that leaves a bit of wetness unabsorbed. I tried a bambino with a plastic baby print pattern, but I didn't like the plastic, mostly because of loudness. Recommendations? Encouragement is welcome too.... still very new to this world.

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    Go with store brands from walmart, walgreens, cvs etc. Cloth backed, soft, thin, damp, cheap, and available. If you have the cash, then I would also recommend you try abena airplus L2 just because they are very soft and cozy. Thinner than L4, but still quite absorbent.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The Attends breathable briefs are pretty discrete and still work well.

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    I love my bambinos and M4's but I got a case of L3 for thinner wear during the day. That's the nice thing about the xplus line, you can pick whatever thickness you like. thinner also means more diapers per case. (cheaper)

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    There's no better discreet, thin, form-fitting diaper that Molicare Classic, in my opinion. You'll love 'em!

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    My favorite daily diaper for descrete wear is the Abena M2. The M1 is even thinner but I haven't tried one yet. You can see pictures of all 4 levels of the abenas side by side for comparison on XP Medical's web site. You can also order samples so you can try them before ordering a large amount. I know everyone is giving you a different answer but, like lots of things, personal preferance goes a long way. Try lots of different things and you will find what you like. And, for me at least, the experimenting is fun. I love soaking a diaper I have never worn before and seeing if it is going to leak or not. It's a fun little thrill. Have fun playing.

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