I have been trying to download skype today and have been unable to. I even went to portable apps.com to download a portable version to run from a USB drive and STILL I can't get it to download. Has anyone else been having issues with downloading Skype? Is the serve from which the program is downloaded from down for some reason?

I really need some help on this guys. I really want to be able to start Skyping with other from ADSIC. Any ideas on how I can obtain the Skype program?

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well I guess I can answer my own post and possibly pave the way for others should they ever have downloading problems. In short, I solved my problem. In this explanation I will tell how I solved it,,,,,for the benefit of others.

For some reason I couldn't download the 'regular' Skype from the skype website. So I got to thinking: I have a USB drive with a program on it, called 'portable apps' found here. I plugged in my USB drive and went to the portable apps.com website and was able to download a USB portable version of Skype. I installed it on my USB drive and tested it. It worked! So, I simply copied the set-up file over to my home computer's hard drive and installed it there as well. I set it up and tested it,,,and it worked!!!

What's more, is that the Skype that is on my USB drive remains separate from the Skype that was installed on the home computer. SO,,,I can now Skype with my ADISC friends and the wife will never know! My Skype for AB/DL chatting is now separated and secretly hidden on my USB drive for my own use and will not be discovered on my home computer!

Hope this post will come in handy for someone else who might need it.