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    any babyfur or diaper fur does any body live in pa i still live with my parents they do not accept me being a baby fur and a diaper fur i do not know why also they call me a freak and seeing i am over 18 they are calling me perverted any one have any advice that could help me out in this situation

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    In this situation the best thing to do is to keep quiet and *act* normal. Hang on in there and wait untill you can find a partner that is like you. Hide your stuff from your parents, bide your time and move out when it suits you. Better that than be thrown out onto the streets.

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    I know that it's a bit weird coming from an 18 year old, but get a job, make some money, and move out. I'm not amazing with relationship advice, but I'm sure someone else can help you there or I can think it over and respond again.

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