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    Default bubble bath?

    Well a few months ago I bought Johnson and johnson's baby bubble bath and wash, the 28 oz size. It work's as a bubble bath but it doesn't bubble/foam up as much as stuff I've used as a kid. Maybe my adult perspective is throwing things off, after all I can't lay down in the bathtub anymore without bending my knees.

    So does anyone have any go to bubble bath? And as a side note, does anyone still use bath toy's at all?

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    Oh man, I haven't taken a bath in ages, probably like 2 years? I really want to get my hands on some of the J&J's bath time bath and lotion to hopefully help with my insomnia. I think if you got regular bubble bath you would create many more bubbles and you wouldn't feel as skewed? I haven't used bath toys since I was a child but that brings a promising idea or two I would really love my daddy to give me a bubble bath but I feel that he would turn it sexual and we would need to have are own place and everything.

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    I don't but my last trip to Bath & Body Works I seen they have bubble bath now in their different scent's, now I didn't get any this trip but next month I am going to pick up some to use when I have the house to myself for the week, which I think will be great we have a big tub and I'm pretty sure i can stretch out in. I don't/wont have any toys but I will have my paci so i'll be happy

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    I love bubble baths! I tried J&J bubble bath and I agree... it seem not produce much bubbles. So I stick with my usual regular bubble bath and produced alot. My favourite scent for bath is lavender (also my favourite scent in general).

    For bath toys, I had few but I often ended up not playing with it very much for some reason. Also, I have bath crayons and I love those but they can produce huge mess to clean up afterwards... =P

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    I go to the kid shampoo section of the store normally they have bottles of actual bubble bath that work soooooo much better than any thing else I've used. There are many diff kinds and scents do you can take your pick! Hope this helps and enjoy your bath time

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    I like to use the kids bubble bath where their shampoo is . They usually have Princesses, Hello Kitty...and boy stuff too. If not Bath&body Works gel gets really bubbly too!

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    Mr. Bubble really works well. I take baths all the time. I also have some Garanimals bath squirters and some bath crayons and markers. Bath time is the best.

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    i use jonsons baby bedtime bath bubbles and i play with a vtech singing submarine and other toys

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    my boyfriend and I use the johnson and johnson bath bubbles and we pour in a lot to get a lot of bubbles. We haven't used bath toys yet,but we really want to!

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    Love my bubble baths... I usually cheap shower gel for bubble baths but use j&j shampoo for when I have a shower ^_^

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