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    Has anyone ever ordered Cuddlz and had them shipped to Canada? What was the packaging like? (discrete or not?). How long did they take to get here and was shipping expensive?


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    When I ordered cuddlz there was no evdience that the package could be nappies so thats all good (though i did ask in the special requirments not sure if you have to though) as for shipping to Canada I wouldn't know, but they came in like 5 days I think in the UK.

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    1) Unless you're super duper set on having the cuddlz-specific printing (mentally-challenged Bart Simpson with 'Cuddlz' written in blocks), you'd probably find it cheaper to buy bambinos instead. They're the same diaper, just re-branded/with different prints (other than the bellissimo).

    2) Cuddlz have always shipped discreetly for me; big plain brown box. But as you're in Canada, they may have to write something for customs. I'd suggest contacting them for more information.

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    Like Charlie said, it'd be cheaper to order Bambinos. And if you live in NS, inferred from your name, Bambinos will be at your door in about two days if you order from B4NS. Obviously if you order toward the end of the week, you'll be waiting a bit longer, but if you order early in the week you should be set.

    Based from what I've read Bambinos and Cuddlz are made at least on very similar machines, if not made by the same machines or manufacturer. I've never ordered Cuddlz, so I haven't been able to compare the two.

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