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Thread: Mac vs Pc

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    Default Mac vs Pc

    i had an idea to post a mac vs pc thread so people will keep the argument out of other forums. Personally I've always owned pc tried Linux(Ubuntu and are curious about what what a mac is like. sadly I don't have money, and i like to play pc games.

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    Now that Apple has ditched PPC and moved on to x86 based machines, the difference in hardware is getting smaller. Other than the fact that you're getting Apple hardware, a mac basically is a PC these days.

    That is, unless you meant operating systems. And to that I say, Linux runs on both, so why argue?

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    to Chevre. There's no point in arguing over the two anymore...

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    i just bought a Macbook 3 days ago after using a PC all my life. I know its still early, but i LOVE this thing so far. It just seems twice as fast as what i'm used to, and so far, a lot more secure

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    Mac's do look nice and seem nice. But to me. That is what they all seem like to me. Its Unix really. And there is little difference between that and linux except a prettier GUI and a few propeity software Apps.

    Linux to me is just as fast, and just as useful. I like that I have access to aload of simple yet powerful tools out there. I can go and get the source and Compile 'n' configure it. But You gotta know what you are doing though.

    Windows, XP has been rock solid for me. Its been out for ages. I guess when something does go wrong, I can fix it. Oh, and linux has gone wrong too! And I have been able to fix those problems too. Well some of them :P. It does have a tendency to slow down after time. But I think that is a flaw in how XP is made and as well as how the user operates the machine. Linux tends to handle things better under high stress IMO.

    Would I get a Mac? Not really. As you have to get the Mac hardware for it to work. And I personally dislike some of their hardware. Typically the keyboard they put on their MacBooks, what ever is their cheapest laptop they offer. Its silly and impractical to use.

    chevre is right on that since the IBM, Intel Change they had. Its a PC under the skin. Thats why you can install windows on a Mac. But Not neccessarily (though possible) the other way around. And I think that they should offer proper laptop keyboads wether or not they are x86/x64 or PPC. And a proper 2 (3 with wheel would be better!) mouse that they just managed to introduce. Seriously, how long did it take them to make that happen. Also they don't seem to offer Tablets IIRC. I know its not for everyone. But they are limiting everyone to the hardware they offer. As you can only official run Mac on Mac hardware. That is just the consequence they have to take as they want everything "to work", but not all their porducts are bug free at the end of the day though. But it keeps their high standards of Customer Care/Waranty and reliability of the machines

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    Quote Originally Posted by codered View Post
    and i like to play pc games.
    Then you can't get a mac. Yes it IS that simple your a PC gamer your stuck to windows. Show me Mass Effect running on a Mac OS without using boot camp which is putting windows on a mac anyway, thus defeating the whole purpose of macs to get away from windows!

    Also Mac is not more secure at all its just as hackable as windows based PC's are. The reason why there's not many hackers/viruses targeting mac's is that they only make up about maybe 10% of the computer market if not less. Its easier to target about 87% (other 3% = Linux give or take) than it is to target 10%.

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    I condemn this thread!! >.> PCs have their advantages, and Macs have theirs. DONE!

    And a proper 2 (3 with wheel would be better!) mouse that they just managed to introduce. Seriously, how long did it take them to make that happen.
    For the record, multi-touch trackpads ftw

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    i do say they both have advantages (or at least I've heard) but i also like to customize my pc so i guess I'm better off with what i have

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    Why is this debate still going? Seriously, if you have to prance around showing off your Mac, talking about how Microsoft is bad and windows sucks, you're an idiot and a douchebag.

    If you have to go around with a PC saying Apple is bad and Windows is the way to go, you're also a douchebag.

    Both companies leached off each other at one point in time, and now the only difference is an OS which is also getting closer and closer to the same thing.

    Apple = Paying for a logo and getting the same hardware as a Windows PC.
    PC = Paying for what is easier to get(PC's generally being cheaper).

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