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Thread: So newb furry here. = /

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    Talking So newb furry here. = /

    So, well, I've finally come to that conclusion.

    Yep, I'm a furry.

    Been thinking about it for awhile (more than a year, akshully), and I even gave MYSELF flack. I used to sort of ... make fun of furries in general, mostly the full bodysuit out on public types. The most extreme people. I don't really have a problem with those people, just seemed sort of silly to me. The CSI episode about the furry convention did NOT help. Sorreh, I wish that hadn't been one of my first exposures to the fandom, but it was. Although I made fun of them, I was intrigued.

    And deep down I knew that it would be fun to relate to an animal. And now that I've learned plenty of furries don't go that far, I feel more at ease. I didn't want to seem like a poser, like I was just doing it for the attention. And furries don't really think they ARE that animal, re-incarnated, or born in the wrong body ( like I once thought).

    Another hurdle I had to overcome was that, well, I didn't relate to a fluffy kitty or bunny, or any feline or canine. I just assumed furries were all dogs/ wolves or cats/ tigers/ panthers, etc. The occasional baby bear.

    And as much as I LOVE bunnies, I'm not one. Nor a dog, cat, or bear.

    I'm a cow. A cute, fat, pink and black cow. With long eyelashes, and a bow on her right ear. And a HUGE pacifier. (Dunno if Flyffykins wears a diaper yet).
    Still working on the name. XD

    I read a similar thread about "Does this make me a furry?" and I'm past that.
    I just really want to get into it, RP maybe, that sort of thing. My search for websites, even with the filter on the strictest setting, led me to lots of sites that, while were very sexually appealing, were not what I was looking for ( at that moment).

    So, I guess a pop culture history lesson, a good place to RP, and acceptance is what I need for now.

    Sorry for all that mumbo jumbo, just nervous. I.... I haven't told my boyfriend, Tafshin on here. I think.... well, I'm about 90% sure he'll make fun of me. T_T or not understand. So maybe a "What is a Furry?" FAQ would be nice.

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    Congrates on your find; and since yoru a cow Pojo's gonna want to adopt you now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenshin Himura View Post
    Congrates on your find; and since yoru a cow Pojo's gonna want to adopt you now.
    Most likely =p

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    Heh, I never even thought of that XD
    I could be his new favorite fwiend.

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    I don't really get the adopting thing. *shrug*

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowMommy View Post
    I don't really get the adopting thing. *shrug*
    Me neither, and I'm not too interested in it...Hence why I have never done it =3

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    Thankies. ^_^ I thought I'd post hare first, since already know quite a few of you guys, and are accepting of whatever my level of.... involvement.

    Some of the other just for furry sites seemed, so, hardcore. = /

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    hehe no problem yea...better come here for the right info haha

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