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Thread: Pros and Cons of Pull up style diapers

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    Default Pros and Cons of Pull up style diapers

    Hey guys, I just started wearing Tranquility Overnight Premium 24/7 now, and I'm loving these pull ups. I can only think of a few pros, but not that many cons. Any suggestions would be nice!

    Here they are:

    Quiet (I need them to be discreet)
    Flexible (I walk around a lot)
    Large capacity

    Can't adjust tightness

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    Thats good to know on quietness. I've been looking for 24/7 to wear to work. How much wettness can it hold?

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    The biggest drawback to any pull-up diaper is that unless you're wearing shorts or a dress you have to take off your shoes, socks, and pants to change it. I sometimes wear a Depend pull-up out in the world. I wear briefs over it so that if I need to wet it I can just tear the sides and take it off, but then I'm diaperless until I go home or take the extra time it takes to change.

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    It can hold 34 oz of liquid. And even when you are sitting down, it will not leak. At all. It's an amazing diaper; I highly suggest getting it.

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