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Thread: My grandma found out

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    Default My grandma found out

    So I ordered some ABU Cushies and while I was at work today they came in the mail. My grandma opened them thinking they where somewhere else.

    She picked me up from work today and on they way home she said you got a package in the mail, I opened it thinking it was something else. It looks like diapers.

    I didn't know what to say, its not like i can use the I wet the bed excuse because they are Cushies. I just sat there not saying a word.

    I don't know what to say if she brings this up again which im sure she will.

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    OOOO thats kinda embarrassing =\ im sorry she found out like that, hopefully she wont make a big stink about it, no pun intended. If she does bring it up later on, maybe you should take the opportunity to confide in her, she might be understanding if you're articulate.

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    Why not tell her you ordered something else and the order was mixed up with some else? might work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rova View Post
    Why not tell her you ordered something else and the order was mixed up with some else? might work.
    I'm thinking any excuse is out the window after not saying anything on the car ride home I would just be honest when the subject comes up, explain why you buy/wear/use diapers, though I'd suggest excluding any "gratification" you get from diapers, if any. Good luck!!

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    Wow! I wouldn't know what to say to something like that either! I can see why you were completely stunned. It's not even as if they come in a plain white packet when you open the box either.

    I think all you really can do is be honest. Does anyone else live with you besides your nan? If not then it could be quite an easy thing to contain "the big secret". If you do then you might need to do some begging so that everyone else doesn't find out.

    If she is accepting though then you might have quite a usefully ally and she might help you prevent others from finding out.

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    Unlucky! The only thing I can think would be to say it was for a prank or a dare or something. At least then she might not to ask too many follow-up questions which could get *real* awkward for you both.

    Depends on your relationship with her I guess - Think I would die of embarrassment if my nan found out.........

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    I think lying is out of the question. I would have to agree that being honest is the only way to go. My grandma already thinks that I am confused in life do to her knowing about my struggle with my sexuality. If I have to come out with this (I know I will have to) she will think im even more confused. Good thing is she is not the kind to tell others about ones personal life.

    Its still nerve racking!!

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    Sorry! That's bad grandma would let everyone know! But hopefully yours isnt like that. I wouldnt say anything unlesss she brings is up, and as LittleRobKY said, leave out anything sexual or pleasurable in nature if you do tell her. Tell her it makes your happy/ less stressed to feel like a little kid again.

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    I'd tell her "that will teach ya to open an other's packages" and leave it at that.

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    You could say, I had ordered some underwear, and I thought maybe that was it, but then seeing the package, I see what you mean. This is a really funny mistake. Hahahahahahahah.......sobsobsob.....

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