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Thread: What baby/kid stuff do you have in real life?

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    Default What baby/kid stuff do you have in real life?

    To what extent do you go to be a kid? Just diapered and playin around? Or do you cuddle up with your plushie in your onesie and suck on your paci?

    Personally, all I have right now is my paci and some footie pajamas, but I like to be all snuggled up in them with someone. And thankfully enough I have a friend with a very deep voice willing to snuggle me and make me feel all little ^^

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    Wow! Where to begin? Let's see paci, blankie, teddy, sippy, bubbles, toys, coloring books, crayons, need I say more? Lol little stuff is such a blast and not as hard to acquire as I had once thought. Backpacks are an AB's best friend lol

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    I don't really have alot. Though that may be due to just starting out. I have my imagination, afew stuffed toys, pencils/textas/ colouring books and drawing pads. I do prefer drinking out of my plastic cups, some have cartoons on them others don't. The fun part is since i supply my own cup at work all I have to tell them is I don't want to break a glass and plastic is more reliable.

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    most regularly now I fall asleep with my teddy in arm and footy pajamas. I am diapered about 1/3 of the time but it varies. my shower curtain is spongebob squarepants because it makes me happy in the morning to see his smiling face. I have a paci but it basically sits on my bedside all the time.

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    My boyfriend and I have lots of stuff! We each have our own bottles (he actually has a sippy cup too) and we have our own bibs (funny,we got them at a craft show!). We each have our own coloring books (I use mine more regularly than he does) and we both have footie pjs. He has his own onsie, but soon I will have my own So,we do everything from being cuddled up with our teddies to playing around in diapers!
    I think we've taken a much needed break from buying things, but we do have a few more baby things we'd like to get

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    well, im not particularly active in real life, but i got loads of stuff tho.... i got 47 Paci's at this moment, it's getting out of control a bit.... 2 sippy cups, 2 bottles, a onesie(the snapping crotch one)a footie PJ, loads of pluschies and tons of baby oils, powders, wipes, ointments, scents, massage oils etc....
    the thing i absolutely love to do is snuggling up with my pluschie and sucking paci when bedtime! in the winter with PJ on, in the summer naked, padded or onesie... and a special moment when my girl comes over is to nose with her like a little cub, with paci in mounth offcourse!
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    Meth! Kidding.

    Nothing really, I'm fairly normal when it comes to the whole "freak" diaper thing.

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    i have a decent assortment of baby stuff . lots of diapers two onesies one blue with teddy bears other white and blue with dinosaurs hopefully my onesie collection will be expanded greatly in the near future a couple of bottles paci plastic sheets with bears on them and printed plastic pants. got to say my onesies are my favorite nothing like having them on with a thick diaper underneath.

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    The short answer is I have lots of stuff I'm gradually working my way through a wish list

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    As with most ABDLLFs, once you're out of your parents' house, obtain a reliable stream of disposable income and have the ability to store your treasures 'in the open', it's a constant work in progress.

    As of now, however, my list would include: three sleepers (two with feet, my fox ones are open at the cuff), a couple packs of Bellissimos, two cloth diapers, two pairs of Care Bear plastic pants, an AIO training pant, two pairs of Mickey Mouse Gerber-style training pants, a couple Mickey sweatshirts, Mickey overalls (seeing a theme? ^^), khaki teddy-bear themed shortalls, various plushies including my teddy I snuggle with every night, some coloring and childrens story-books and soon I will have a pair of Mickey denim shortalls, as well.

    I likely forgot a few things, but I've taken up enough space for now.

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