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Thread: Has anyone heard of the Brown Note urban legends

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    Default Has anyone heard of the Brown Note urban legends

    Their urban legends what is called the brown Note it surpassed tested by the military as a weapon that can't hurt you. What is low low frequency noise. What's this noise suppose to do is make sick to stomach and mess yourself with no control as hear this noise.

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    I'm fairly sure that this is just a myth. If there was actually a note that could do this, don't you think that the specific note would be far more widely known? They tried to find it on Mythbusters, (yes, I know that they're now always right, but, most of the time, they are), and couldn't.

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    I just think funny that someone actually tries this seen episode where did it they even wear diapers while testing it.

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    I've found at concerts that low frequency heavy sets (bass) will make me feel the urge. Not uncontrollable, but noticeable.

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    as an audio enthusiast, i can confirm it's not possible, this is because air does not transmit low frequencies all to well, and the brown note (if true) would need a mechanical connection between you and the speaker to work, witch can very well kill you if loud enough.

    so yea...don't try it

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    Mythbusters had a take on it, diapers and all, but debunked it.

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    Reminds me of an episode of south park

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    Yeah, I believe I saw that on South Park. The government does have weapons that use ultra sound to pulverize things, I think. It seems to me I saw a show on this on the History channel a number of years ago.

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    I know you can use sound as a "weapon" of sorts, but none of them makes you shit your pants nor kills you. Then there's the high pitch looping audio played on repeat to drive away young people who can still hear these somewhat high pitched sounds. But still nothing that makes you shit your pants unwillingly.

    Plus if there was a sound wave that could do that. Do you really think trolls wouldn't be playing it, inserting it into youtube video's randomly, etc. After all, we got "screamer" videos, so honestly would we not expect shitter videos?

    Not to mention if it were possible for sound to have such a profound effect on our bodies, I would suspect it would do things far worse then make outs void our bowels. such as destorying your liver, or something to that extent.

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    I know it's crazy urban legends I could not believe was such thing till watch tv episode with mythbusters I though it was funny that was such idea this could happen with a simple sound.

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