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    I want to get the pacifier from there but $60 is a lot money for pacifier because it silicone reason I would buy that is because I don't know if I'm allegeric to latex. i mean is there some where cheaper I can get one becuase like said that much a lot for one iteam.

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    You could just get some surgical tubing (it's latex, possibly medical grade like Nuk 5.) and suck on it or rub against it to see if your arlergic. My friend bought some from Bi-Mart up in Oregon to make a portable water balloon slingshot.

    However I would recommend washing any surgical tubing off before using it to test if your alergic. I don't think most people are though.

    Also you could get a latex nipples. Target, wal-mart, etc would carry them in the baby section by the bottles. Either way with a quick shopping trip and like 3-4 bucks you can easily find out.

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    Thank but may do what grandma said just buy real baby paificer but what highest level make what think is making nuk 4 what I found walmart. She has really been a big help she doing all bedding for my crib and said she would even make bumpers for me and a padded for my changing table. When she is done with the bedding and stuff i'll post pic of it on the crib and changing table.

    Ps thank for everyone help.

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