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    NIP Vintage Baby Size 6/7 Benetton Disposable Diapers Plastic ABDL OVER 40 LBS | eBay

    Found something odd on ebay. We have all heard of the fabled United Colors of benetton diapers; the size 6 diaper which is bigger and more colorfull than any other baby diaper ever made. This looks like they are even bigger than traditional size 6 benetton diapers. The cost is beyond belief, but it is something to note especially for all us collectors.

    What are everybody's thoughts? Anyone ever heard of this before? Or know anything about benetton in general?

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick1776 View Post
    What are everybody's thoughts?
    don't know, but mine relate to a recentish purchase of vintage youth/adult dispies and i have to warn people to be careful about what they buy, as dispies readily become infested with mould. even if no mould can be seen, best to buy with your nose than with your eyes or heart (if you intend wearing them).

    as for mine, i tend to let them air for at least a week before wearing. throwing them over a radiator also helps, but the stench will fill the air more.

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