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    anyone know were i can purchase size 7 pampers in discreet packing apart from ebay as they only sell them in 2s and i want a pack lol

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    I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as size 7 in the UK, which would suggest that buying from abroad is about the only way to get them. Perhaps you are searching the UK eBay? Try the US one. I see a b'zillion listings for Pampers Cruisers 7, ranging from loose diapers (wouldn't buy those) to boxes of 100. It'll all come down to whether you can negotiate discrete shipping to the UK. Perhaps there are some AB/DL-oriented sites that carry Pampers, but I'm unaware of them.
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    i did this once and ordered in from the us by ebay, be prepaired to pay alot for shipping

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    just get some diapers from the place you are living, find them in adult sizes with prints. Usually cheaper too.

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    Hey! I've found them on (here's the link: Pampers Cruisers Diapers Size 7 Jumbo 16-Count: Health & Beauty) However, the price for only 16 of these things is 21, so it's a little steep, and amazon doesn't say how discreet they are. Do some investigating, and that should clear any trouble up.

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    "Comfort Flex" is the Cruisers diaper from a couple of years ago, so the price may reflect the vintage factor as well as the import factor. If somebody in the UK really wants the US Cruisers 7, swiping a 100-count box off of the US eBay or Amazon would be the way to go--$45/30 + shipping. Only complication there would be discreetness of shipping, since most retailers of baby diapers probably can't imagine why anybody would care about the discreetness of such a product, and then you've got customs declarations...

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