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Thread: Problem with Facebook or Google?

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    Default Problem with Facebook or Google?

    Hey guys i'm having a bit of a problem & i'm not sure where to go or who to ask. I use Google Chrome and I keep noticing a lot of times my Facebook wont work, it will load my New's Feet and my Page but my friends list wont load, I cant post/respond/share anything, any Messages/Updates I get will show in the icon box but I open the box it just drops down with a loading "screen". I can load/run Facebook just fine on IE8 but I really don't like IE. does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this problem?

    Thanks in advance guys & gals

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    Try clearing your cache in Chrome. It should be under Settings > Clear Private Data, iirc, though I'm on my phone so can't check

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    MY HERO!!! ~Gives Hex a big'o hug~ though I do feel a little silly now

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