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Thread: What is regularity for a DL

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    Default What is regularity for a DL

    I remember a time before i personally wore diapers very often, (maybe once a week IF that much), and i remember having to only make BMs maybe like every other day and having to urinate maybe 3 or 4 times a day.

    However, as i began to wear more often, and continually at those times (culminating in long periods of 24/7), i've found that now i will have to pass BM's more then once a day , every day, and i can't even count how many times i HAVE to (not WANT to) urinate. This being the case whether i am wearing a diaper or not.

    Is this something that is generally experienced by others , or should i consider the possibility of a diet change (i weigh 139 @ 6')?

    It looks too coincidental to not be related to me ... i dunno

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    Going to the potty monster a little more frequently isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Going number 1 only 3 to 4 times a day isn't quite enough in my opinion. You need to drink more water! I usually have to go 5 to 6 times a day. Any less, and I feel dehydrated.

    Going number 2 should be a daily thing, at least. I find that I get into a rhythm. I go the same time, every day. Sometimes I go more than once a day, not often though.

    If you were drinking a normal amount, and going more frequently, but in smaller amounts, then you may have reason to worry.

    Otherwise, I'd say you're good.

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    To me, regularity isn't much of an important factor, as long as you get a good poop at least once a day. I would pay more attention to the kind of poop you have, based on the Bristol stool chart. I'm a pretty hardcore advocate of the Paleo diet, which has a tendency to deliver good, healthy poops.

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    When I'm properly hydrated I urinate about 6 times a day and when I'm on good diet I'll have a bowel movement, good ones too, about 3 times a day. Sometimes I wish I could actually wear a diaper during the day because of all the peeing, but being as active as I am makes it kind of a nuisance.

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    I'm not sure anyone has actually answered your question. I think I go more frequently when padded because I don't hold it. I have other issues that cause me to go pretty frequently when I'm not padded, as well, but these don't have to do with wearing and I don't go as frequently as I do when I am. I'd suggest try going without for a few days and see if you're having difficulty. If not, no worries. As long as you're not changing everytime you go, it's not a problem---it's a pleasure.

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    Well, you guys all sound like you can go while without peeing I cant count how many times I go a day! I have never worn 24/7, only wear maybe 2-3 times a week. But I always have had an extremely weak bladder; it might be nice to wear all the time that way I didnt have to go pee at least every hour. But I find that when I'm diapered, I go as soon as I feel it, whereas I would hold it while if I wasny diapered. If you have worn awhile, and you probably go right when you feel the need, it stands to reason that your bladder would get used to it. As a child, it takes along time to gain long control of youe bladder; have you ever noticed little kids have to go all the time? Well, after wearing awhile this can be undone. After all, there are people that unpotty train themselves. Maybe you need some time out of diapers?

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    But i like diapers tooo much =( to leave em

    Quote Originally Posted by adasterix View Post
    I'd suggest try going without for a few days and see if you're having difficulty. If not, no worries. As long as you're not changing everytime you go, it's not a problem---it's a pleasure.
    I've tried it and i am having difficulty

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    When I'm at uni where I can eat good quality food I go for a crap once a day but when I'm at home and have to eat junk (my parents really don't want to/can't cook) it's every 3-4 days.

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    I'm sure I heard somewhere that for BMs anywhere between 3 times a day, to once every 3 days is within the bounds of normal. That said, unless you've changed your diet or lifestyle considerably your 'rate' should be pretty constant. If you've gone from once every couple of days to twice a day, then that's not normal and you should take a look at it.

    As for hydration, you may subconsciously be drinking more because it no longer inconveniences you to take a break, also stronger wee smells worse. If you're sure you're drinking the same amount but going more often that's not normal either.
    Most people probably need to drink more than they do to be honest - the first sign of dehydration is feeling thirsty.

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    It's possible that you just notice it more when padded as it's more of an event. Using the toilet is just something you do to get rid of unwanted stuff, whereas going in your padding is something that you (presumably) enjoy and so it's more likely to stand out in your memory.

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