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    Default Hi!

    Hey I'm new and am so excited to talk with someone who loves diapers too! I don't know what else to do.....
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    Welcome! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? What are some of your hobbies / interests?

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    ^^^Would be nice as the other person said

    I was wondering why you gave me a friend request by away?

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    Sorry about that I'm new and don't really know what I'm doing but getting the hang of this. Sorry again.

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    Sure! I love cars sports going to the beach and video games. Anything else just ask

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    Thats fine...Dont feel too badly,im kind of new here[joined a few months ago] as well but ive learned the ropes here

    Since you may not know,this web site is a support web site for AB'S[Adult Baby]DL's[Diaper Lover,which is what I am and proud to say it] and other cool things like furrys,sissy and other thing 13 years and older

    Since you seem to be new to forums[and maybe computers]ill let you in on so info

    If you want the rights that I have[able to reply to visitor messages,private messages,
    you have to have made 20 posts on the forums

    Look around the forums and look in threads that talk about just about anything

    If your not any of these cool things[AB,DL,Sis,Fur] and just someone who a friend of one or just some one who's internet exploring,just remember to be these two things:Be understanding,and respectful

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    Haha thanks... No I'm just nervous meeting other tdl's. I am nice and respectful. And have read up on this site and am feeling less nervous

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    That's perfitly fine.

    You dont need to be so nervous,everyone I talked with on here is very nice and understanding like I allways am[im an example of the tipical person on here] so ya got nothing to worry about and Good luck anyways!!

    Wellcome to the forum that about fun discussions!

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    Your in caring hands especially if wwetbed has already commented on one of your posts. I know from experience he is a very nice person (I am too).

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