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    I think they may also be called size XL, Does anybody know how / where to get some shipped to the us? Ebays no good because they hardly ever come up or are only sold individually. Besides that I wouldn't be buying just a couple but buying them alot. To digress a bit, I have the annoying problem of being on the skinny side with most adult diapers being to large or just not what I like. I can fit into pampers size 7 fine, but are a bit impracticle and my friend says when he was in france these were the best ever.
    Also, because I know this forum quite well, I will say in advance that my hip-waist is 24-25, just so I don't get that "FFS just buy adult diapers"
    And apologies for skipping an introduction thread I have another account on here, but since I have a few emails and had to have changed them recently, and because alot of the emails I need get thrown into spam, I can't get my old password back Anyways thanks ATON if anyone can help out!<3

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    You don't fit in Small adult diapers?
    Or you are really into baby diapers?

    In this case, your best bet would be Bambino diapers. Their medium is rather small and will fit you well.

    As for Libero, I imported a case of European diapers on my own once. Full of select diapers not found over here. The conclusion is: it's way too expensive to be worth it.

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    Snap! I had alot of text in a reply but accidently hit reply to threat to post it and it dissapeared So just to be quick I guess, theres hardly any good small adult diapers ( dry 24/7 to big, most others feel horrible, molicares being the only ones that are slightly decent to me ), bambinos nearly wrap around me twice or whatever way to much is, just measure something 24 inches round and see how much a bambino wraps around it
    But how did you import a case? I'm really interested "The conclusion is: it's way too expensive to be worth it." is too subjective eh?

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