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Thread: New to the group: looking forward to particpating

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    Exclamation New to the group: looking forward to particpating

    I am new to the site, but looking foward to the particpating. I am not an AB, but a DL. I have have been a cloth diaper and plastic pant DL since I was a young teen, though I think I always had DL feelings, but they were more apparant as I aged. I am not fascinated with disposables, most likely since I was not raised wearing them. I do\did have sexual feelings when wearing them, but the want to just wear them is now overtaken those feelings. I could carry on but I can expand on this later.
    Again glad to be on board,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parksalot View Post
    I could carry on but I can expand on this later.
    You should expand. We like to encourage new posters to tell us more about themselves besides their diaper related interests since we assume you have them if you've gone to the trouble of having an account here.

    I see you're from Seattle. Coffee capital of the world (thus explaining why so many people are sleepless there) and the setting for many shows and movies including Gray's Anatomy. What do you do for a living? Do you take a ferry boat to work? Are you a fan of Nirvana?

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