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Thread: Thinking about buying new Depend Silhouette

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    Default Thinking about buying new Depend Silhouette

    Ok so recently ive been thinking about buying the new Depend Silhouette (yes the ones for women ) and been wondering if anyone has any tips, advice or experience with these

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    I recommend against it, because absorbency is going to be minimal. And, they won't feel any different from regular underwear: there is no comfort with this product. Get a case of Abena AirPlus Premiums instead, they will offer far more comfort and absorbency, at the same price. Good luck.

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    Women pullups have no padding at the front. And they are not very absorbant.

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    BluTack: I did review them, the male equivalent. Look up Depend Real Fit. Both the Silhouette and Real Fit are the same product, except the Silhouette is pink, and the Real Fit is gray. Neither of them have any padding, nor do they have standing leak barriers. The padding only runs the middle, like a typical granny panty. The only difference between the two, is that the Depend Real Fit is a grampa panty.

    Also, I did another thread about Medline's update on their Protection Plus Overnight Protective Underwear, which is far better than either of these two products, the Silhouette or Real Fit. The Medline has the standing leak barriers, like the child's pullup does. The padding extends nearly all the way, front to back. It also fits like a child's pullup, except it will be a bit loose on someone with a 30" waist. Surprisingly, nobody responded, except to say that the Medline product was just another granny panty, which it really isn't, because of the features and similarities to a toddler garment, without the nursery prints.

    So: Look at my thread, and comment, please:

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    I will certainly have a read on them and try and comment. I have been away for quite a while so I'm behind on any news, updates and reviews. Thanks for link. :-)

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    i would say spend your money on better diapers. every Depends i have tried are horrible. the only other diaper that i found worse then depends is assure diapers. that is how bad they are. they are the 2nd worst you can get to my knlolage. that is why they keep having to change the disigne on their product so they can call it a new product and people well buy it thinking it well be better when really it is not.

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    lol so much negativity towards depends. even though people recommended against them, I bought a small 3 pack of the silhouette for like $4.49 today. Now *b/dl wise, they're not really good in the thickness or absorbancy department but sissy/LG wise they are a decent undergarment in looks, frillyness, color, and design at least in my opinion, havent really tried them on though. oh and as for the AbenaAirPlus Premiums, you cant find those where I live.

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