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    So I love apples and the spring season just means we are thar much closer to delicious fresh apples. What kind of apples are your favorite? I love fuji apples they are the flippin greatest.

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    I'm a Macintosh guy myself :P

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    Gala apples are the bomb. Especially when they're cut up and dipped in peanut butter.

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    I hate apples with a passion. The can't eat the skin, and the taste of it grosses me out.

    Now, oranges.. <3

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    Apple slices with peanut butter is like candy it's so good.

    Edit: lol we should have a favorite type of orange thread too.

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    I love a granny smith apple slice covered in melted caramel. Sweet + sour = Amazing.

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    i use to love honey crisp apples, cameo apples have become my new favorite though they taste like grape otter pops!

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    Oh, Im not picky.
    Red, green, big, small, with, or without skin, I dont really care. Pretty much all kinds taste good to me.
    Well, unless were talking about the rotten and poisoned ones. Those are the worst, and Id never eat one of them..............again.....

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    Gala apples are like potatoes ... yuck

    GIMME GREEN APPLES FTW , granny smith rule all fruit, except pineapple, mango, kiwi, and strawberries lol

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