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    Hi to all,

    my name is bill, but im guessing my id has already given away that .

    I not ab/dl at all but i did wear nappies (diapers) secretly as a child because i wet the bed till i was 17. I was caught several times the last time being when i was 12 and thats when my mum decided to go with the flow and put me back in nappies at night. alot of the time she wasnt happy with it and was sure to let me know.

    following an accident when i was 29 i became fully incontinent (yeah i do think the universe was trying to tell me something) and i now wear nappies 24/7. I am supposed to call them 'pads' or 'products' according to any professionals ive ever dealt with but these 'pads' look like nappies they work like nappies and at times they smell like nappies so to heck with it they are nappies.

    here in the Uk adult nappies are quite difficult to obtain other then ordering over the internet but I get them free on the health service the only real drawback to that is you get what your given no choice.

    well thats enough about me for the time being but if theres anything you would like to know just ask

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    Welcome to the forums. One thing we really like to encourage here is that you open up and talk to us about things other than your need/interests that led you to come to Adisc. Because of the theme of Adisc, which isn't too subtle if you came here specifically, we assume that all ready. We want to know what might not be so obvious.

    What do you do for a living? What do you do in your spare time?

    Another question I'd like to ask is when you say your mother "put you back in nappies", do you mean this in the figurative sense? Like she accepted it and simply included diapers in the house budget?

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    okay first I'm a project consultant with the NHS working primarily with the continence unit, which probably leads you to the question why here well to be honest Im intrested in AB/DL in a outside observation amutuer psychologist kinda way and ADISC seems to be one of the more honest sites with a miminmum of fantasy rubbish to wade through I've never had any AB feelings nappies for me have always been practical. I dont have anything in the way of hobbies I general just go where the feeling takes me although I have recently got quite into flight simulator and im in the process of building a cockpit (gonna be a long project me thinks) as for being put back in nappies she did'nt literally put them on me just made sure they were there for me to deal with it

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    I'm actually impressed that you've turned your condition into your profession. That's a rare trait and it speaks to your character that you turn what many would consider a negative into a positive.

    Part of the reason I asked you to clarify your statement about your mother is just the thing you've mentioned. Sometimes people do blur the lines of fantasy and reality and even when an intro post seems solid, you'd be surprised what extremes people might take the question just to act out their own personal wishes. It's a good way to ferret those people out early on.

    If you're forty now you must have been twelve sometime in the seventies and your mother would seem to be very progressively minded for that time. Your trait for making the best of the situation, namely working with the continence unit of the NHS, seems to have come from her and I'm happy that you at least had her help for what must have been a difficult aspect of your life.

    I can see you're fairly active on the forum all ready and that's promising. A lot of people either forget they've started accounts here or they just get caught up in their own lives that participating regularly seems to be a challenge. I've had my prodigal son moments with most forums, but I try to drift back now and again.

    Once again, welcome to the forums and I hope to have more opportunities to chat with you.

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    i just want to explain my circumstances a little more as I think they go some way to explaining my own views on incontinence

    I was born in 1971 so i was 12 in '83 (still a long long time ago LOL) so looking back we were in london when i first started wearing in secret so that would have been sometime between '78 and '81 i remember the house had an old coal chute that went into the cellar a great way to get a big box of pampers into the house and plenty of places to hide them to collect later our next house didnt have a cellar and i think thats why I got caught so often. I dont think my mum was as progressive as she sounds and actually felt responsible for me secret wearing as at one point before i started frustrated with my bedwetting had borrowed a terry nappy and a pair of plastic pants from a friend and left them on the end of my bed as 'a reminder of what happens to little boys that wet their bed' of course it was an empty threat but to be honest I think it planted a seed in head which led me to first wear in secret it was kind of 'ok nappies are for boys that wet the bed ok if your not going to make me wear them I do it myself' - typical kid logic. Back in the 70's and for a large part the 80's lazyiness was still thought to be behind bedwetting so in alot of cases you didnt even see a doctor about it so punishment was more commonplace in my case I had to keep my nappies on top of my dresser in plain view ( itried a few times once I was wearing everynight to put them in the wardrobe but by the time i got home from school they were magically back on the dresser).

    of course these days my parents are much more supportive and we dont have secrets, they know all about my situation because they have been there throughout, my mum has even admitted her shortcomings with my bedwetting but it was just the way it was back then. I was paraylised from the neck down for about 8 months in 2001 and in hospital so my problems were pretty much on full display and thats really what has spurred my own interest in working in the continence field so i can bring my own experiences to the table to try and make things better for those that suffer incontinence.

    On the fetish side of things although Ive not had any feeling my self I do believe that those that do need support and understanding whether they be TB, AB, DL, LG or the mriyad of other classifications and combinations.

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    Welcome to the site. We have a number of incontinent members on this site, and some enjoy wearing diapers/nappies. I think it has become a coping mechanism, and I can certainly understand that. I'm sorry that you were paralyzed from the neck down. I'm sure it was terrifying. In 1986 I had a tumor which had grown on the nerves in my spine, and I was slowly becoming paralyzed. A brain surgeon did the surgery, peeling the tumor off the nerves "like a grape", which were his words. Oddly, I couldn't urinate for a month afterward, and had to catheterize myself until things started working again.

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